11 Bright Colourful Eyeliner Looks You’ll Want Recreate This Summer

Gone are the days of—dare I say it—the classic black eyeliner looks. Well, at least for this season. Enter the era of the playful, colourful and bold eyeliner looks, where more is definitely more. Whether it’s down to the mask wearing from the past couple of years, or the hyper-focus on Euphoria eye makeup, which really put bold eye looks on the map or the summer vibes, we’re all about it. Just this year Google UK received half a million searches per month for eyeliner alone, an increase of +14% vs last year.

The good thing is, you’ve already got the skills down. Apply the same techniques you would for your classic liner, to create an array of flicks and lines, let your creativity bloom. While the classic black liner is all about the technique and precision, the colour eyeliner looks gives away to be a lot less precise and playful with your look and in this realm of eyeliner looks there is no such thing as a mistake, it’s all part of the end result. Though Rebecca Moore, Nars senior artist suggests prepping the eyelid first. ”Use an eyeshadow base (my favourite is the Nars Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base) to prevent eyeliner from moving or smudging throughout the day”.

Using colour on the eyes is an easy way to inject some colour and fun into your makeup look, and really play around with makeup. As well as refreshing and adding an electric twist to your look, it’s been proven that colour boosts mood, and science doesn’t lie. The trend has been embraced by the beauty industry from high end to high street delivering the goods, think an entire rainbow of bright liners for you to play around with. 

Before you exist, faster than I can say colourful eyeliner, hold on, while daring and eccentric creative looks are part of the fun, there is something for everyone. As spring blooms into summer, there is no better time to experiment with colour. From delicately lining the inner corner of your eyes to elaborate triple toned eyeliner looks, we’ve found the 11 most delightfully striking eyeliner looks you’ll want to recreate this summer, so good, you’ll never look back.

The Best Colourful Eyeliners and Looks To Try

First things first, you’ll want to prime your eyelids to ensure your liner stays put. This eyeshadow primer from Nars is ideal and really locks in colour.

A simple flick of colour, is the perfect way to ease yourself into the trend. It’s just the right eye attention you want. Plus, if colour screamed summer, it would be coral.

This vibrant coral shade looks great on all eye colours.

Now this is how glitter liner is done. As someone with hooded eyes, I find the traditional eyeliner flick so hard to wear but this negative-space, floating eyeliner is redefining traditional eyeliner—and with glitter. We’re obsessed.

This duo-ended line contains a felt tip blue eyeliner on one end, and a creamy kohl liner in shimmering silver on the other.

A swipe of yellow along the lash line instantly brightens the eyes—and who doesn’t love this optimistic hue?

Shisedio’s eyeliners are so pigmented, and glide on like a dream with a long-lasting finish.

A softer take on the inner corner eyeliner look, use a bright eyeshadow to create smooth delicate liners, replicating the eyeliner look without the precise lines. This is like a massive cheat code if you don’t have a steady hand for traditional eyeliner.

Go for a bold shade like this fuchsia hue from Nars.

Lower lash liner, a flick and crease liner, this look has it all going on. You can have it all going and yet it is still so wearable. 

This formula transforms from liquid to eyeshadow once dry, giving you endless ways to wear it.

Who said lines were meant to be straight, update your liner look with some wavey, and spiralling lines. Lilac is the colour of the season, dominating every everywhere from homeware to fashion, lilac is where it’s at, be sure that it will never let you down

We’re totally obsessed with this pastel lilac shade, which is a steal at £5.

Contrasting lower and top liner, for when you’re feeling bold and want to really hone the attention to your eyes. Go for colours from the opposite end of colour spectrum, and make a statement.

These creamy pencils deliver a professional-looking finish.

I’ll be the first to admit, I am no good with eyeliner, plus I don’t have the patience. If you’re like me, then this is the eyeliner look for you—eyeliner but not really eyeliner. So simple, yet so chic and fun all at the same time.

This cobalt blue is surprisingly chic, and a trending colour for summer.

Now this is for when you really want to show off. Holographic eyeliner will have people swooning and praising you for your creative skills, but it’s so easy to recreate. Take a leaf out of Hailey Bieber’s book, and use an eyeliner sticker as a cheat.

These stickers make achieving the trend a doddle.

If you prefer a liquid liner, this holographic one achieves similar results.

Offset the harsh lines of eyeliner with delicate eyeshadow. Yellow and purple are a winning summer colour combination.

This eyeliner really is budge-proof, thanks to its waterproof formula.

Turn the traditional eyeliner look on its head by applying it to the inner corners of the eyes. This is another great option for hooded eyes and I love this vibrant orange colour, which is perfect for the summer days. 

Urban Decay’s formulas are well-known for their long-lasting, vibrant shades. We particularly love this electric orange.