15 Cult Buys You’re About to See Everywhere This Summer

Here at Who What Wear, we constantly have our eyes out and ears pricked for the emergence of a cult item. Sometimes a piece will explode onto the scene, on a catwalk or even just via the latest high street drop— and within what seems like minutes so many of the stylish women on our feeds are sporting that exact hero piece. Sometimes it’s a slower build, spotted once, twice, three times— perhaps over the beginning of a season, or it could even form its cult status over a number of years. Either way, our editor Slack channels are usually filled with discussion over these exact pieces— which ones have won us over,, which are worth investing in and which will truly stand the test of time. 

And since spring is well underway, holidays are booked, and on top of that it feels like we’re about to launch into the beginning of summer early next week (there’s a heatwave afoot, if you hadn’t already heard), I thought it was the perfect time to collate the cult items we’ve been discussing most this season, all in one place. We like to help you stay as informed as possible when making your new season purchases, after all. 

The criteria for making it into such an exclusive edit? These items need to be genuinely trending— not just gifted to influencers but ubiquitous in their own right. And they need to have longevity— we’re looking for capsule items that feel really special and not too ‘of the moment’. Pieces that will live beyond the thrill of this summer and become part of the furniture alongside the other favourite wardrobe items you bring out year after year. 

Yes, this edit is shaped mostly by luxury pieces to invest in— from Prada’s epic mini skirt to Chanel’s padded flip flops— but there are also some more affordable heroes too— & Other Stories’ linen dress for example, or Hunza G’s now iconic swimsuit. Whatever your budget, though, I would encourage you to use this list as a moodboard to inspire your new season shopping, whether that means picking up an exact item or pulling out trending colours or silhouettes in your own way. 

Without further ado, then, keep scrolling to see fashion’s big hitters for summer 2022…

There’s a few sizes of the underwired top style here as well. 

One thing’s for sure— This will be an icon for years to come. 

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