19 Vintage-Style Engagement Rings Old-School Romantics Will Love

Every bride-to-be is unique, and not everyone’s dream engagement ring looks the same. Whether you want to forgo tradition entirely or embrace the classic, diamond-clad look, one thing is for certain: Vintage-inspired engagement rings will never date. And for a piece of jewellery that’s made to be cherished forever, that feels pretty important.

There’s a reason so many jewellery designers look to the past for guidance. From 1930s Art Deco diamonds to ’70s-esque chunky bands, each era comes with its distinctive take on the engagement ring. And all these years later, we can decipher which have stood the test of time and still feel classic today.

This brings us here, to our edit of the very best vintage-style engagement rings. The term vintage is broad, so there’s a good chance a design below will be The Onefor you or will at least help steer you in a certain direction. Whether it’s a cluster of stones arranged in a flower or a single emerald set into gold, scroll to see which old-school engagement ring captures your heart.

Did someone say Gatsby?

If you can’t decide between yellow and white diamonds, this is the ring for you.

Pear-cut stones have a distinctly vintage feel.

This sapphire treasure looks straight out of The Titanic.

This one isn’t so much vintage-inspired as actually vintage, which, of course, means it’s a one-off—if you love it, grab it.

Understated and timeless.

The dark-green stone makes this traditional design feel more modern. 

Who says diamonds have to be the focus of your ring? This hand-cut citrine has won me over.

It’s no wonder oval diamond rings are one of the most popular styles out there even today.

A ring you’ll never tire of looking at.

Bucherer looked to vintage glamour when imagining this diamond-encrusted design.

Nothing says retro like a signet ring. Heirloom pieces like this are sure to be passed down through generations.

Because there’s no such thing as too many diamonds, especially when they’re this dainty.

Step back to the 1920s with this emerald and diamond treasure.

Rose gold might not be particularly vintage, but this simple silhouette feels familiar.

A wow-factor piece of jewellery if ever I saw one.

If you’re not a fan of warm metals, consider a cool-toned design like this one.

While florals might not be groundbreaking, there’s something so romantic about a flower-cluster ring.

Price Upon Request. Emeralds always remind me of times gone by.

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