21 Leggings That Will Actually Fit You If You’re Petite

There’s nothing more annoying than spending the day hitching up your leggings every few minutes when all your really want is to be comfortable. Short girls, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. I’m 5’2″ and finding leggings that have the right proportions, either for working out or just for everyday life, is extremely difficult. But don’t worry. If you’re under 5’3″ and have the same complaints, I’ve done the (extensive) research for you, and come up with a final list of the best leggings for petites. 

Whether you’re looking for performance leggings you can run in without having them bunch at your ankle, or a classic, wrinkle-free seamless pair to tuck into knee-high boots—I’ve got you covered. In the below list there are pairs for all budgets, from dedicated activewear and ready-to-wear retailers.

From my thorough research online, as well as my own personal trials, and from insights collated from my fellow petite editors—I’ve come to realise there are a few key factors to look out for when buying leggings as a petite person. Firstly, any brands offering 7/8 leggings, or alternative inseam lengths head straight to the top of the list—shout out to Sweaty Betty and Lululemon. And if your budget sits closer to the high street, look out for pairs actually labeled ‘petite’ and you should have pretty good odds that they’ll actually sit where they should on the ankle.

So, without further ado, keep scrolling to see and shop the best leggings for petites. True comfort is calling. 

Designed for yoga and light exercise, these are extremely comfortable. Our contributing editor. Florrie Alexander is petite and a huge fan; “The incredibly soft fabric works for everything from lounging around to intense HIIT workouts (trust me – I’ve tested them).  Plus the variation of lengths is really great – I’m 5’2″ and opt for the 25” for a full length.”

An all-time bestseller for M&S that comes in a ‘short/petite’ option. 

These come in 6 colours, all with petite options. And with 790 almost 5 star reviews, they come highly recommended. 

To be dressed up or down. 

These are my personal favourite for exercising or relaxing. I’ve had mine for years and they feel good as new. 

Alo Yoga is a celebrity favourite, worn by everyone from Hailey Bieber to Kendall Jenner. 

Split-hem leggings are still so in-demand. 

I’ve tried these from the row here, and they’re a perfect cropped length for petites. 

A cool flared version. 

You’ll wear these so much this autumn/winter. 

Stirrup leggings look so cool with loafers or ballet flats. 

If in doubt, opt for a cropped pair. 

If you’re looking for a technical pair to run in, don’t miss these (they come in black too). 

A great affordable version. 

Our editor in chief, Hannah Almassi, is petite and a big fan of Uniqlo. She says, “When it comes to trousers on the high street, Uniqlo is the one store I know I can order from online and not have to then add a trip to the tailors onto my list! Their styles always seem to fit my petite hourglass frame well and are often true to size.”

A cropped flare that will actually be cropped. 

H&M do amazing, affordable gym wear. 

Girlfriend Collective is a sustainable brand with incredible quality. 

A great option that can be dressed up too. 

Pangaia is another celebrity favourite. 

These fun ribbed leggings come in black and bright pink too. 

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