24 Epic Gifts Any TikTok Obsessive Will Appreciate

I’m by no means a TikTok expert, but there are a few things I’ve learnt whilst using the platform over the past year or so. 1) Avid TikTok users have pretty expensive taste. They know their brands and take investment purchases seriously, aspiring to own the latest must-have bag or spending hours tracking down the current cult trainer (most likely on Laced, where it’s selling for a premium). 2) They lean heavily into nostalgia, delighting in the clothes and accessories that make most 30-somethings such as me shudder when we remember how we wore them (probably less stylishly) the first time around. And 3) they know how to have fun. From adorning their hair with rhinestones to singing along in their karaoke microphones, TikTok presents its users with an escape from reality into a fantasy land where joy triumphs. It’s endearing. 

Knowing what I know now, having spent hours scrolling in the name of research and comparing notes with Who What Wear’s in-house social media experts, I can confidently say that, below, you’ll find a selection of the best TikTok-inspired gifts for the festive period. Analysing the most viral buys from high-end and gloriously attainable shopping circuits, I’ve curated an edit of TikTok gifts to appease all—from gourmets to It fashion people to skincare aficionados. Scroll on to see the gift suggestions I’d recommend buying for anyone whose screen time is borderline concerning. 

TikTok users love a label, and ACNE scarves are proving to be a huge hit on the platform. 

Worn with fluffy socks, these are the shoes TikTok fashion people would love to find under their tree this Christmas. 

This is practically Y2K style currency. 

The iconic Le Pliage tote is so in-demand right now. 

Don’t be fooled by its colour—this lip stain peels off to reveal the most beautiful, natural-looking pink hue. 

Where boots and trousers meet, the outcome can be found going viral on TikTok. 

If dance routines aren’t your thing, give singing a whirl. 

This is the skincare product TikTokers care about. 

That’s right. TikTok stars can’t get enough of Zara either. I can’t scroll without seeing this gilet pop up at least twice. 

I too want sparkly hair this Christmas. 

This famous Skims dress continues to be the number one dress on the platform. 

Get that influencer glow with this cult Rare Beauty highlighter. 

Who said TikTok fashion can’t be practical? 

Uggs have never really gone out of style, but right now on TikTok, a whole new generation is beginning to appreciate them, too. This mini style is the coolest way to wear Uggs. 

Don’t forget your boot guards! 

Health-conscious users have been going wild over these on-the-go smoothie blenders. 

The hair tool you, me, and just about everyone on TikTok has on their Santa list. 

Jacquemus is another name to know on TikTok, with most favouring its bags over any other item. 

Create a chic interior with some trending homeware; you know it’ll elevate the backdrop for their next upload. 

These trainers keep selling out, and I know TikTok has something to do with that. 

Brows are still a big deal in terms of TikTok beauty. Ensure they look their best at all times with this industry favourite. 

Does TikTok even allow you to upload a recipe video if it doesn’t feature this Our Place pan? 

Between this and the Tiffany heart tag necklace, ’00s jewellery is a pretty huge deal right now. 

Make every day a good hair day with the addition of a silk pillowcase. 

Use with your favourite face oil, and the radiance will speak for itself. 

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