4 French Women Break Down Their Gorgeous Makeup Looks

If there’s anything that the Who What Wear team are totally obsessed with, it’s French beauty. Can you blame us? Whether it be French pharmacy skincare favourites, French skincare advice, or French fragrances, we want in on the tips and tricks from across the channel. And who wouldn’t? Much like the fashion, there’s a certain effortlessness that exudes the French fashion crowd’s makeup looks. They always look pulled together, but without looking overdone. Whether it’s flawless skin paired with a bold matte lipstick, dewy skin with a subtle flush of blusher, or a perfectly executed cat-eye, there is so much we can learn from French women. Quite often, it is the simplest makeup looks that work the best.

France is home to some of the world’s biggest beauty brands, like L’Oréal, Chanel, La Roche-Posay and so on, so it’s no wonder that the French have beauty honed down to a T. However, in recent years, smaller and more independent beauty brands have been popping up in France. Many of them are little-known to us in the UK, but are loved among French fashion and beauty insiders. Curious to know their winning formulas for looking so great, I reached out to some of WWW’s favourite French women to get the scoop on the makeup products they love, as well as the best French makeup tips and tricks to try. Bisous!

“Red lips are my signature makeup look! I have recently discovered the Petal Bouche from Violette_Fr and I have to say that I am in love with it. It is a velvet effect liquid lipstick that reproduces the texture of a rose petal. I’m obsessed.”

“This palette always accompanies me throughout the day! I love the vintage style of the case… So chic! The shades can be mixed and applied with fingers on the lips, but also on the cheekbones and eyes. A must have for an effortless, natural makeup.”

“I really love to use Ilia’s beauty stick on my cheeks and eyes for a good-looking effects in seconds.”

“There is nothing like eyeliner to enhance a look. This Rouje eyeliner is the best I have ever tried—it is so easy to apply.”

“I just love this mascara! It’s perfect for keeping my lashes looking natural while adding a little volume to them.”

” I discovered this product thanks to a friend who is a makeup artist and it is really my go to products when I want a natural, flushed-from-within glow.”

“I love this cream, which I have been using for one year now, and I have the whole range. It is perfect for my eyes when I am tired, it helps me because has reflective particles which improve the appearance of my dark circles and bags under the eyes.”

“When I don’t put on foundation or my tinted serums, this powder gives exactly the effect I want. I’ve been using it for a while now and will continue to use it for quite a while.”

“When I don’t apply anything else, this duo is awesome! The hydration is just perfect. These two products give very very good results for all skins types.”

“I don’t wear a lot of foundation, if at all, but recently I’ve been using these two tinted serums, in shades 5 and 6, and they suit me very well because they don’t cover much. That’s exactly what I like.”

” This sunscreen is exactly what I needed. I just got back from vacation and this was very protective. I love the fact that it doesn’t leave white marks on Black skin.”

” I like lipsticks with character, but are quite discreet, natural and minimalist. This and Merit’s Shade Slick seduced me and I used it during my holidays and I love them because they correspond exactly to what I was looking for. Besides, I’m never without it.” Merit isn’t available in the UK at the moment, but for something similar, try Glossier Generation G Lipstick (£14).

“I always make sure my lips are nice and hydrated before I begin any makeup. This one from Fresh has been a life saviour.”

“I don’t wear foundation, I hate the feeling of having something thick on my skin, I think it’s very uncomfortable.The only thing that I wear is this very lightweight primer from Charlotte Tilbury.”

“I have purple circles under my eyes so I always use concealer. This one has been my favourite for years and I always make sure I restock when I come to London.”

“I like to do a messy contouring (i.e. I vaguely put some some bronzer under my cheekbones, temples and jaw and call it a day). This Charlotte Tilbury one is my favourite.”

“I am obsessed with this blush by Charlotte Tilbury blush because I think it smells like Kinder Eggs. Please tell me I’m not the only one!”

“In summer, I love to add a bit of creamy highlighter on my cheekbones, nose and corners of my eyes. This is my forever favourite.”

“When it comes to mascara, this one is the only one that doesn’t make me look like a panda by the end of the day.”

“I have so many lipsticks! I think it’s the thing I would bring on a desert island (that and a SPF). If I have to narrow it down to three, I would pick these ones.”

“I love how easily it blends and the fact that it’s really a longwearing foundation. It’s pretty soft, I don’t even feel like I’m wearing makeup”

“I’m a huge fan of this one for setting my make up and under the eyes, it sets my concealer pretty well.”

“I use this one almost every time I make up it’s lit! It’s a 30-colours eyeshadow palette, so the choice ishuge for winter, summer, spring, whenever and for all occasions. I also use some of the eyeshadows todo my highlight and I love the result. Also, It’s a female Black-owned brand from Paris.”

“This one can be also used for face but I use one of them in particular when I’m out at night to give a glimpse of glitter to my eyes, It’s really nice!”

“l use Melayci Cosmetics a lot. Again, it’s a small female Black-owned business, with the products of quality of big brands. First of all, the packaging isinsane! Their lipsticks are so comfortable to wear, as they are semi matte, so the lips aren’t dry.”

“For the day I also use Fenty Cream glosses a lot. I have all of them and I’m a huge fan for the ‘no-makeup makeup’ look.”

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