5 French Outfits I’ve Already Got in My Wardrobe

I make no excuses for loving French dressing. Although it’s not the cornerstone of my personal style (I definitely define myself as more British), I do love gleaning tips from les françaises I follow on Instagram. While they all have their own way of interpreting French style, it’s clear to me that they all have one thing in common: French women keep it simple.

I can sometimes overcomplicate and overthink an outfit, so instead, I turned to these stylish women for some fashion tips and found five classic French outfits that I will wear all the time. Crucially, I wanted to prove that I could do these looks without having to buy anything new and, much to my smugness, I managed to achieve it. 

There’s a knitted dress as seen on Ellie Delphine of Slip Into Style and a classic double-denim look from Aïda of Basics Touch, who does the minimalist aesthetic like no one else. I also tapped Jeanne Damas for some ideas, and she didn’t disappoint either. Find these and more, below, in how to do classic French outfits with everything you already have in your wardrobe. Keep scrolling.

Style Notes: I stole a cardigan from my husband and then wore it belted over my straight-leg black jeans from Frame. So simple and easy. Both the belt and the necklace I’m wearing are vintage finds. 

Style Notes: I feel like this is the ultimate French outfit, a white silk shirt tucked into a pair of blue jeans. I also wore a sheer bra underneath with one more button undone than I would normally go for because pourquoi pas? 

Style Notes: I wouldn’t have said that double denim is a usual French look, but thanks to Aïda, I’m a convert. I nabbed an old cropped denim jacket and paired it with my blue straight-leg jeans and voilà, I’m all set. It’s worth noting that Aïda has paired her look with a brown bag and matching shoes—something I’m not doing here, as I’m currently not leaving the house regularly. 

Style Notes: The thing about French women is they like to match, but not too much. Case in point? You can do a monochrome look but don’t make it too exact, otherwise, you’ve bothered too much. And you don’t want to do that. 

Style Notes: I saved the sassiest until last. This is a knitted dress I bought about three years ago. I knew at the time it would be an item I’d wear again and again. Here, I’ve worn it with a pair of 5-year-old & Other Stories heels (which are, by the way, some of the comfiest heels I’ve ever owned) and my trusty vintage gold chain. As this is quite a body-con look, I also wore my favourite Heist bodysuit with it underneath. 

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This piece was published at an earlier date and has been updated.