5 Trending Colours & Other Stories Is Backing Right Now

It feels like getting up in the morning is just that bit harder in January. The grey mornings and bouts of rain don’t lend themselves to an enthusiastic jump out of bed, or the feeling of being ready for the day. But we think there’s something to be said about dressing for the days you want, not the days you have. As much as we love a black, white and grey uniform, perhaps our clothes can help brighten up these gloomy mornings. And clearly, & Other Stories agrees. 

While scrolling through their new-in section, as I do pretty much every day, I noticed that & Other Stories has an array of exciting colours that are destined to inject joy into even the rainiest days. It might feel daunting for anyone who sticks to a minimalist regime when dressing, but these vibrant pieces add contrast to classic neutrals, and can be relied upon for years to come. Keep scrolling to explore new colours that will work hard in your wardrobe. 

Ever since Bottega green flooded our fashion lexicon, I’ve found myself turning to this colour more and more. The wide array of shades from softer pastels to deep forest greens allow this colour to fit easily into anyone’s wardrobe, and easily mix with staple neutrals 

This mock neck sweater comes in so many great colours. 

This immediately went in my basket. 

The grainy texture adds to the premium feel of this bag. 

The exact pair I own. 

Whether dopamine dressing is your thing, or you just want to try something new, orange is a great colour to look to. Not only does it look great with classic white and black, but it’s particularly impactful paired with navy or denim. 

The shape! The colour! 

Ease into colour by applying it to your accessories. 

This whole look is incredibly striking. 

One of your five-a-day. 

If you’re reserved when it comes to colour, blue is an easy place to start. Navy shades will ease you in, or upgrade to bolder cobalt. & Other Stories offers up a wide array of stylish pieces in this universally flattering colour. 

Midi dresses and knee-high boots were made for eachother. 

It’s hard to believe this luxurious silk blouse is from the high-street. 

There’s an ease to midi skirts that makes them that much more appealing. 

Who can resist a cosy knit?

Brown doesn’t exactly fit with the ‘vibrant’ theme but as a colour that is often overlooked, it’s high time we made some space for it. Just as elegant as classic black, this hue combines easily with all our vivid hues and grounds soft pastels just as well. 

The shape of this skirt is so high-end. 

A block heel allows for all day wear. 

I’m styling these brown trousers with a bold blue knit. 

No wardrobe is complete without a trench coat. 

Yellow has long been considered a difficult colour to wear, but it’s simpler than it may seem. As someone with blonde hair, the deeper mustard hues aren’t as favourable on me, so I simply look to lighter shades. But for those who suit it, bold yellow and mustard shades pack a real punch. 

So chic. 

The neckline completely sold me on this one. 

My dark green version of this is my go-to for an easy put-together look. 

Add some colour to your shirt collection. 

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