7 Swimwear Looks That Are Already Trending This Summer

Shopping should be intuitive and instinctive; you should invest only in things you actually want and don’t need to convince yourself to buy. And right now, our intuition is telling us to shop for swimwear. This is probably because it’s the time of year we’d usually do so, but even with abroad holidays placed largely on hold, we still find ourselves looking for that summer-swimwear fix.

That said, swimwear is not just a holiday purchase—with beaches, lidos, pools and swimming spots right here on home soil, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to slip into a cossie or bikini over the next few months. Throw in some park- and garden-based sunbathing, and the need for chic swimwear is ever present.

Now that we’ve agreed that swimwear is still a sound investment this summer, consider the following your heads-up on the need-to-know swimwear trends of 2021 that influencers seem especially smitten with.

From silhouettes and shimmer to this season’s chicest colour option, there are seven recurring influencer swimwear trends we keep seeing. Continue on to see them and to shop our favourite pieces for each distinctive look. 

Sometimes the smallest tweaks can make the biggest difference. Lose a strap, and unlock serious style potential. 

Much like glittery manicures, which are trending this summer, swimwear is also taking a glamorous turn, as Lurex sparkles are currently flooding our feeds. 

For the past few seasons, swimwear imitating lingerie has been a big trend, and right now, we’re seeing more playful interpretations of underwire than ever. 

Floral swimwear takes a step back in time by way of desaturated colours and ’60s-style blooms. If your set is lucky enough to come with, always snap up matching accessories.

Use ruching to draw attention to the area of your body you love the most, be it your bust, waist, bum or hips. 

It’s not just our mainstream wardrobes that are taking a bright turn; swimwear is bolder this season than ever. The colour we’re seeing most of? Hands down, tangerine. 

Taking the term “one-piece” to a whole new level, swimsuits and bikinis made with minimal seams continue to top the style charts. 

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