9 Brunch Outfits Worth Instagramming Over Your Avo on Toast

When it comes to brunch, my feelings about the occasion are simple: It should be enjoyed at any given opportunity. I would brunch every day if I could (preferably with a mimosa in hand). However, there is something quite lovely about keeping brunch as a treat, especially when it presents you with a reason to wear an outfit you love.

Deciding what to wear to brunch has a lot of variables. You want to look stylish, that’s a given, but you also want to be comfortable, particularly if you’re having a brunch of the bottomless variety. That said, because you’ll spend most of your time sitting, you don’t necessarily need to think about the practicality of your look. In fact, brunch might give you the chance to wear the more fanciful clothes, shoes and accessories in your wardrobe once more after being overlooked for much of the last 18 months.

To illustrate the sheer scope of brunch outfit ideas out there, I’ve rounded up nine impressive ensembles that ensure you’ll look the part for the most stylish meal of the day. Scroll below to see them and to shop any pieces you might need to re-create them for yourself.

Pick the right silhouette, and we promise a suit will be just as comfortable as your joggers but 100% more polished. 

Chances are you’ll be going home to rest after your brunch session, which means you needn’t take a huge, practical bag with you. Instead, opt for your teeniest, fanciest arm candy. 

Dresses are a great option for brunch, as they’re roomy and comfortable. Choose a knitted style to make it feel as if you’re wearing loungewear. 

Leggings are a solid brunch option, particularly if you style them with a cool shirt as Jessica Torres did, but we think biker shorts make for a cool summertime alternative to ankle-grazing styles. 

If you’re prone to feeling the chill, even when sitting in a café or restaurant, wear clever layers instead of a coat or jacket. We promise you’ll feel more fashionable. 

You can never go wrong with a white shirt and jeans—just be sure to tuck in that napkin to ensure you don’t get stains on your Daz whites. 

Give your minidresses a brunch spin with the addition of timeless and minimal accessories, just like Chrissy Ford did. 

We all know that jeans and a nice top is an outfit formula that works—update it for the warmer months by swapping out the full-length jeans for a pair of cute denim shorts. 

After 2020, we’re reluctant to save our best dresses for last. Give your prettiest frocks a brunchtime-spin with a pair of flat, tan sandals. They’ll make your outfit look more effortless in an instant. 

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