And Just Like That, Halters Became Summer’s #1 Microtrend

I know it seems like all we can talk about lately is the great Y2K fashion renaissance. Trust me—I was a tween in the era, so there’s definitely a lot of styling elements that I hoped I’d never see again, but this next trend I’m about to dive into is one that’s officially become too big to brush off. Ladies and gentlemen, we present the return of halter necklines. Seeing as the aesthetic of the early aughts is reaching a fever pitch, so too are the going-out looks, and among them, halter tops and dresses are suddenly everywhere I look.

I first took note of the neckline when a handful of designers presented halters in their fall/winter 2020 collections and have even shared the celebrities who are getting on board to prove that this new wave of halters is definitely happening. Now, it’s infiltrated my social media feeds and my favourite retailers, who are offering everything from twisted halter tops to strappy numbers. From swimwear to shirts to dresses, continue on to see and shop every cool iteration on the trend.

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