And Just Like That… Is Coming Back—27 Outfits From Season 1 That Rival SATC

Season two of the Sex and the City reboot And Just Like That... has begun filming, which means one thing: new fashion looks!

Season one was full to the brim of the fashion-forward and unexpected combinations that we’ve come to expect from Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda. New BFF of Carrie, Lisa Todd Wexley, may be a new character, but the looks created for her have already given us a sense of her truly spectacular style. Our first sneak peek of season two has already got the fashion set talking, thanks to costume designers Molly Rogers and Danny Santiago’s of-the moment styling. Last season, Rogers and Santiago kept Carrie’s styling fresh yet true to the original series, combining modern looks with throwback styles that had us reciting “It’s not a bag, it’s a baguette“. 

The first look of season two of And Just Like That shows Sarah Jessica Parker wearing a utility boilersuit and carrying a pigeon clutch bag.  For season two, Rogers and Santiago continue to show off their ability to combine mismatching styles in perfect harmony, along with classic elevated looks that have become synonymous with Carrie Bradshaw. With filming underway, our first two looks of the new season definitely did not disappoint. First up is Carrie wearing a utility boilersuit, always enviable heels and with J.W Anderson pigeon clutch in hand. Is this the start of city-girl core?

In true Carrie fashion, SJP took to Instagram to let us peep the shoe. 

The second sighting of SJP was a stark contrast to the first, with Carrie returning to more feminine, floaty silhouettes in a vibrant fuchsia ensemble. And – according to And Just Like That Costumes – it’s the first time Carrie has stepped out in a full tonal look. This just adds to the intrigue of what’s to come in a sartorial sense in the new season. 

This full fuchsia look really packs a punch. 

With the excitement of season two we’re sure there are a whole new wave of brilliant Carrie looks on the horizon. Sadly, the pigeon bag is sold out, but there’s plenty of inspiration let over from season one to keep us going. 

Here’s our favourite fashion looks from season one of And Just Like That… to keep you going until season two airs. 

Yes, that’s Carrie wearing a Baguette. 

The switch between soft hues and bold stand outs just adds to the unexpectedness of Carrie’s looks. 

Carrie’s looks always push the boundaries, in the best possible way. 

The blazer dress, all grown up. 

If you watched SATC, you’ll know Carrie has a thing for sheer fabrics. 

Maximalism at it’s finest. 

Season one showed off a series of great headwear. 

Are those the proposal shoes?

An ode to Carrie’s tutu look in the opening credits of SATC perhaps. 

I’m still not over this look. 

This ombre dress is so beautiful. 

We plan to borrow this shirt-under-dress styling hack. 

I’ve got my eye on that coat. 

This full blue tonal look is one to save for later. 

Orange and grey is my new favourite colour combo. 

Now this is how you do elegant tie-dye. 

Take inspiration for your next night out: a bold red jumpsuit. 

Charlotte’s modest style always feels incredibly fresh. 

This sunny look is so Charlotte. 

The delicate thin belt pulls the whole look together. 

The chicest dog-walking ‘fit you’ll ever see. 

This a-line silhouette and classic monochrome print is endlessly stylish. 

The newest addition to Carrie’s circle hit the ground running with the incredible looks. 

We’re so pleased the costume designers love colour, as these bold hues were made for Nicole. 

I now require all my jackets to have dedicated lipstick, makeup brush and comb pockets. 

It’s not just Carrie who has an impeccable shoe collection. 

We’re big fans of the full tonal looks. 

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