Ariana Grande Wore a Micro Minidress With the Tallest Heels We’ve Ever Seen

Ariana Grande is a woman of many talents, from hitting whistle tones to writing songs that literally anyone can bop to. *Plays “Positions” on repeat.* Another of her more underrated talents is walking—not to mention singing and dancing—in heels that any normal person would break their ankle(s) in. Her latest pair, however, is arguably the “7 Rings” singer’s most impressive yet.

Last week, while filming an episode of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,Grande wore a pair of pink-and-white sparkly platforms that had to be at least seven inches tall. The heels, which were secured with ankle straps adorned with the brand GCDS’s logo, first debuted at the brand’s S/S 22 runway show in Milan. With them, she wore a custom seashell-inspired minidress that featured a separate strapless bra top and a corset waist, an oversized blazer and a choker with a pink teardrop diamond pendant. Try to “Imagine” a better look—we’ll wait. 

Keep scrolling to see Grande’s entire look, and perhaps test out a pair of sky-high heels for yourself.

On Ariana Grande: GCDS custom minidress, Man Fit Alcantara Jacket (£702) and platform heels; Tiffany & Co. jewellery; Anita Ko jewellery

On Grande: Versace dress, tights and shoes

On Grande: Versace shoes

These are seriously the coolest.

We couldn’t not include Versace platforms. 

This sock-sandal style from Charles & Keith keeps selling out.

These are constantly on our digital wish lists.

This color is so good.

Every Instagram influencer has a pair of these Nodaleto Mary-Janes. 

This pair looks like it could actually be pretty comfortable.

Just think about how tall you’ll be in these.

The holidays are calling…

The two-tone detail makes these look even taller than they already are.

We’ve been seeing these everywhere recently.

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