Beige Is My Favourite Colour—20 Pieces That Prove It’s In No Way Boring

Not so long ago, beige was considered boring in fashion circles, but let this be a lesson in how things can drastically change on a turn. Now, beige is the colour trend tethered to the minimalist aesthetic, which is only growing more prevalent on social media and the runways. Take Celine, for example, which continues to play with a muted colour palette in its spring/summer 2023 collection. Serving as the antidote to bright paintbox colours or the bold designs we see in some designer edits, beige provides a sleek solace for quiet dressers.

Still, that doesn’t mean that beige can’t be impactful. Of late, I’ve seen more and more fashion types wearing the shade top-to-toe, which is somewhat maximalist in its own way. However, unlike the intricacies that come with styling hero pieces with one another, there’s an ease that comes with dressing in neutrals, which is undoubtedly a significant part of its appeal. After all, it’s significantly less daunting to pair shades of beige and brown with one another, knowing the outcome will look somewhat chic, that it is throwing open your wardrobe doors to be met with a plethora of prints and colours to match up.

You could argue that the best wardrobes are made up of a combination of the two, but should you find yourself lacking in the former, I’ve curated an edit of the best beige clothing to encapsulate the, for the lack of a better word, trend. Scroll to see my editor picks.

Arket is always my go-to for versatile jumpers. 

A prime example of wearing beige from top to bottom. 

I have a coat just like this, and it’s easily my most worn. 

The easiest way to wear beige? By way of a dress. 

Pairing different shades of beige is a surefire way to make your outfits look premium. 

Tick off two trends in one with some beige suiting. 

I’ve tried this on and really loved the fit. 

This looks so high-end to me. 

The ideal way to neutralise busy printed midi dresses. 

Layer your beige outfit with different fabrications to stop it from looking one-dimensional. 

Faux leather presents a fresh way to wear beige. 

An easy autumn throw-on. 

Swap out your black boots with a beige pair for a fresh overhaul. 

Just add your favourite jeans and pointed-toe shoes. 

Few things look more luxurious than beige knitwear, as this three-piece ensemble proves. 

Frankie Shop has just unveiled this beige iteration of its best-selling Lui shirt. 

These trousers come in a diverse array of sizes. 

The bag you’ll see everywhere this season. 

This will look the sleek autumnal part with opaques and knee boots. 

Pepper in shades of cream to instantly lift your beige separates. 

& Other Stories’s sell-out wool blazer is back for 2022. 

The ultimate working from home trouser. 

I’m all about the big scarf energy this season. 

A fabulous layering piece. 

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