Black Jeans Are Often Overlooked—These 9 Outfits Unlock Their Full Potential

When we talk about classic jeans, blue pairs often spring to mind, but I think black jeans are just as timeless, even if they don’t receive the same airtime as their vintage-wash counterparts. I always feel more pulled together and polished in black jeans, which I’d argue also transition from day to night more seamlessly due to their darker base colour.

Still, just like any outfit, black jean outfits can become repetitive if you let them. So in an attempt to stop them from becoming stale and tired, I’ve gone on the hunt for black jean outfits that are classic, chic, and won’t let you down no matter where you’re going. Handily, there was a plethora of stylish looks to choose from, and my favourites are showcased below.

Whether you’re looking for new ways to freshen your style for autumn or simply want some insight into how to wear this look in 2021, continue on to fill up on black-jean-outfit inspiration.

Style Notes: Use your black jeans to offset a sexier top half like a camisole or an on-trend blazer-and-bra combination. 

Style Notes: Trench coats and chunky loafers are non-negotiable this autumn. Just add black jeans, and you’ve got yourself an outfit you’ll wear time after time. 

Style Notes: Summer might be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean you can’t carry your nice tops into the new season. Paired with black jeans, this backless top looks the 2021 part. 

Style Notes: Give your black jeans an instant lift by pairing them with a brightly coloured tee. For a more joyful appeal, throw a pastel bag into the equation. 

Style Notes: If you ordinarily find double denim tricky to style, follow Grece Ghanem’s lead by wearing a blue denim jacket with black jeans. That way, you don’t have to worry about matching shades of blue. 

Style Notes: We can always trust in French people to deliver simple but chic outfit suggestions. This black-jean, Breton, and flat-shoe look is perfect. 

Style Notes: Black jeans are incredibly versatile, which makes them the ideal accompaniment to bold or statement jackets. 

Style Notes: Could there be anything more classic than black jeans and a white blouse? Finish with trending mules for a look that’ll work for everything, be it brunch or cocktails. 

Style Notes: Jeans and blazers will never fail to look elegant together. This teal shade is gorgeous set against these black jeans and top. 

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