Celebs Are Retiring Their Beanie Hats in Favour of This Winter Accessory

It takes a lot for us to raise an eyebrow, particularly at a celebrity outfit. Spotlighting trends is what we do best, and after years of perfecting our craft, we seldom find ourselves surprised at what people wear. But that’s precisely what happened when we spotted not one but two major fashion muses sporting a somewhat controversial ’90s accessory this winter. 

Of course, given the recent cold snap, we’re all looking for ways to toastify our outfits, and both Bella Hadid and Emily Ratajkowksi happened upon the same item. Feeling the chill over in NYC, in the space of one week, both Hadid and Ratajkowski stepped out in the very same oversized furry bucket hat. Admittedly, it took a minute for us to wrap our heads around this look, but once we did, we fell head over heels for the gloriously nostalgic turn their wardrobes have taken thanks to this cult winter accessory. 

Their statement hat is a creation by Brit designer Emma Brewin. Handmade in faux fur, this piece is fast becoming a must-have for those who meticulously follow fashion—and we thought you might like to know about it considering you’re already part of this elite group. Naturally, the throwback accessory comes in a rainbow of Y2K-friendly colours, but don’t be fooled; this is no novelty piece.

Emma Brewin’s designs don’t come cheap, and rightly so for the craft and quality poured into them by the independent designer. Still, their price tags aren’t a deterrent for those most dedicated to this aesthetic. Inspired by how EmRata and Bella Hadid have styled theirs? Scroll on, as we’ve broken down their looks into shoppable pieces for you. Interested to see what other furry bucket hats are out there? We’ve charted those for you, too. Don’t say we’re not good to you. 

Style Notes: Bella uses unexpected accessories and hits of colour to give her off-duty ensemble Y2K appeal. 

Style Notes: Emily ensures the focus remains on her statement faux-fur hat (and her snake-print boots) by wearing them with an all-black ensemble. 

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