Celebs Are Suddenly Backing These Controversial Jean Trends

Life is boring and tedious if we know what’s coming round the corner. And it’s good to be surprised once in a while (although, for the record, I would like to not be surprised by any more future pandemics). Ultimately, not having the answers to everything keeps stuff interesting. That’s especially true of the fashion world. Last month, we published our denim report, telling you about the biggest trends, what the cult brands are and how denim is the trend of 2021. While our denim insiders told us that barrel leg and patchwork are arguably two of the bigger trends to watch out for, there are a few other surprising ones we’ve recently discovered. 

First, there’s the tie-ankle jeans trend which we’ve spotted on Rochelle Humes. Then, slightly scarier, are the low-slung jeans that require showing off the top of your knickers. That look has already been spotted on singer Dua Lipa. Finally, two other looks which we’ve seen filtering into stores are stirrup and the extra ripped jeans—as in, there’s barely any denim left for all the tears and holes. While the jury is definitely out among the Who What Wear team on which, if any, of the above trends they’d try, you might find that they’re right for you. Keep scrolling, then, for the most surprising and controversial jeans trends we’ve seen of 2021 so far.

The ankle-tie trend has been around for a while (most notably among our favourite Scandi girls’ wardrobes) but not, I should note, on jeans. 

Hello, the ’00s called, and it wants you to reconsider this look again. 

We’ve had stirrup leggings, so why not stirrup jeans? While some of the Who What Wear team are a firm no when it comes to this look, at least Isabel Marant has made them look pretty cool. 

We’re not talking about a little slit here, we’re talking about mega holes that show your knees, and plenty of slashes up the legs. 

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