Chunky Sandals Can Be Tricky to Style, But These 8 Outfits Make It Easy

So-called “ugly” trends have been reigning supreme for the last couple of years, with Dad trainers, knitted tank tops, tie-dye, and quilted coats being some of the buys that initially raise eyebrows but have been adopted and are now adored by fashion types. This is the case when it comes to spring/summer 2021’s most prolific shoe.

Chunky sandals started making tracks two years ago when Teva’s double-strap sandals started flooding our feeds. Chanel also brought out its own pair of chunky sandals, which, although emblazoned with the iconic double-Cs and finished in bouclé, still fell under the “ugly”-but-somehow-chic category. Last year, Dune treated us to its pair of best-selling Lockstockk sandals (which, PSA, are back for 2021), just as The Row’s Ginza platform-sole flip-flips became a status symbol.

I watched on, assuming chunky sandals would disappear as quickly as they came. However, as we approach another glorious summer, they’re still at the top of the sandal agenda. I’ll admit it; I was sceptical at first, but now, I’m a chunky sandal convert. Having finally invested in my own pair, I’ve been looking for inspiration on how to wear them, of which I’ve found plenty, though the following eight suggestions are perhaps my favourites. With a bit of help from some of Instagram’s best-dressers, scroll below to see the chunky sandals outfits that will earn you countless compliments this summer.

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