Every Single Way We Plan On Wearing Jeans in 2022

Don’t panic! We’re not about to sit here and tell you to throw out your beloved cropped straight-leg jeans, or that skinny jeans are over. Because first and foremost denim, whatever form it comes in, is a classic. Certain shapes shift up and down fashion’s most-wanted list— but then they come back around again before you know it. That’s why it pays to invest in the shapes and brands that work for you and your body, and always keep hold of the styles you love, no matter what’s ‘in’ right now.

That doesn’t mean, of course, that denim trends don’t exist. Each year brings with it some sort of newness, whether that’s subtle updates to a classic jean shape, the return of an old cut, or the introduction of a whole new fit. So while we’ll definitely still be wearing our ‘bread and butter’ classics in 2022 (you know— straight legs, Levi’s 501s, black skinnies etc) we’ll also be experimenting with some of the latest shapes.

Seeing as it’s our job to keep you in the loop on fashion’s current obsessions, below we’ve made a list of 6 denim trends we’re predicting will be the biggest in 2022. We’ve had our ears and eyes to the ground for the last few months analysing the jeans we’re seeing the most influential fashion people starting to wear, as well as how they’re wearing them. Plus, we’ve scrutinised the SS22 collections and taken note of which denim styles the high street are backing in their new-in collections. 

Keep scrolling, then, to see what we found and discover the freshest ways to wear denim in 2022…

Loose jeans have been creeping back into our day to day lives for a while now. This year expect to see more distressed versions for an even more ’90s feel. 

Featuring stiff denim and no rips or frayed edges, these wide-leg jeans are a smarter iteration of Gen Z’s favourite loose jeans. 

Reformation has already set off a micro trend thanks to their printed and patterned jeans. With more and more denim brands releasing quirky styles though, we’re predicting they’ll only become increasingly popular, especially for spring. 

If you’re a regular cropped-jean wearer, why not try out a longer length for 2022? It’s an instant way to update a simple outfit. 

Y2K fashion is taking over, whether we like it or not. And while pelvic bone-skimming bootcuts may be better left in the millenium, we’re starting to come round to the idea of a low-rise straight-leg style for 2022. 

Darker rinses are a sure fire way to still look smart while wearing denim. These structured styles could even work in more relaxed offices. 

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