Fashion People Agree, This Is the Most Expensive-Looking Knit on the High Street

There are a lot of jumpers out there to choose from when shopping for your winter wardrobe this year, especially if you’re looking for knits on the high street. Some, however, are better than others, and there’s one particular knit that the whole Who What Wear team (and the fashion world in general) has been hoping would come back in stock for 2022. Arket’s cable-knit wool jumper first launched last year, and sold out within just days of it landing online. Probably thanks to the fact that an army of influential fashion people jumped on it so quickly, and then proceeded to share it all over the internet. 

We missed out last year, and since it’s such a timeless knit, it’s no surprise we’ve seen it worn repeatedly by the lucky people who managed to get their hands on one ever since. The torment was real. But this week our sartorial prayers were answered—just in time for this cold front we’re having—when the knit finally came back in stock. Apparently the high street retailer, who is known in the industry for doing these kind of minimalistic, elevated wardrobe staples so well, cottoned on to the fact that the waiting list for this jumper was incredibly long. 

So what’s so special about it you ask? Well, just look at it. There’s something about the chunky pattern, slouchy but sophisticated shape and perfectly creamy colour that makes it the *perfect* cable knit jumper. It’s a bit of an investment, sitting at just over £100—but you’re paying for quality (something that’s important to consider when shopping on the high street) since it’s made from Responsible Wool Standard certified wool. Plus, it looks like it could easily sit alongside some of the best designer knits on Net-A-Porter, with a price tag three times that. 

Keep scrolling to see how influencers have been wearing theirs, and then shop Arket’s beautiful cable-knit jumper below before it inevitably flies out of stock again. I’ve also added links to more of the best (supremely chic) cable-knits I’ve seen this season too. Enjoy… 

Nisi nails the tonal look. 

Jess layers hers up with another cult knit, the Toteme striped sweater.  

I love that it goes with skirts too. 

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