From Bottega to Arket, This Is the Summer Colour Every Cool Brand Is Doing

Green isn’t always associated with the positive. It can mean that you’re ill or that you’re envious. But this season, green is having its moment. Wherever I look, this hue has been embraced, from influencers to the runways. Bottega Veneta’s current collection is full of the colour but so are Arket and plenty of other high-street stores. It’s hard to avoid it, quite frankly. I can imagine, however, that some would have a little trepidation over trying out this bold colour. For starters, this season’s green isn’t in the pastel range. It’s a bold, in-your-face wicked-witch kind of green. When you wear it, you will get noticed.

So then, how do you blend that seamlessly into your wardrobe? Spoiler: you don’t. Perhaps one of the reasons why I’m so enamoured by this colour is that it’s punchy and exciting and makes every outfit you wear stand out. Influencers have been wearing this green with pinks and blues, which works very well, but over on Molly Goddard’s spring/summer 2021 runway, we saw models wearing this green with red, too. Gucci’s take has been a little more subtle with green trousers and a black top and a pastel-pink bag, but it’s still a bright look. However you decide you want to approach this trend, know that it’s super joyful. Keep scrolling to see it on the runway and on influencers, then shop key pieces below. 

Gucci 2021 resort collection

Molly Goddard spring/summer 2021 runway

Style Notes: Nnenna Echem wearing her green Arket trousers with a pink-and-red blouse. 

Style Notes: If in doubt, pair this colour with jeans. 

Style Notes: You don’t have to wear this colour with just your bikini, but it does look great. 

Style Notes: Bright-blue trousers and hot-pink shoes are great to pair with this green. 

Style Notes: Looking for new party shoes for mid-June? We just found them for you. 

Style Notes: Green on green. Why not? 

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