H&M’s Linen Collection Is the Easiest Way to Look Expensive This Summer

A few years ago, as I fell head first into my 30s, I made a pact with myself to try to be the kind of chic woman who wears linen all summer long. You know the type. Think Meryl Streep or Diane Keaton in every Nancy Meyers movie (goals)—the kind who floats down to the farmer’s market every weekend with a basket bag slung over her arm and a linen shirt billowing behind her. Okay, that part might be slightly more difficult to re-create while living in London, but the effortlessness of a linen outfit is something we can all realistically achieve.

There’s just something about a linen dress, button-down or pair of trousers that just feels so timeless, ageless and polished—am I right? And with the weather starting to (finally!) get warmer just in time for Easter, I can already feel myself being drawn to the elegance of a crisp linen shirt paired with a ribbed vest and blue or cream denim—easily my all-time favourite spring look.

Luckily, while a linen outfit may look expensive, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. The high street has some amazing pieces, and H&M has been my particular go-to for linen over the last few summers. This season, the high-street stalwart seems to have outdone itself already with a drop of linen pieces that has Who What Wear editors and influencers talking. India Sehmi, Claudia Berresford and Rachael Clifton have all shared the delights of this new drop on their Instagram stories recently, particularly these shorts, which have unsurprisingly sold out before it’s even warm enough to wear them. (Keep an eye out for restocks, though.)

So without further ado, keep scrolling to see the expensive-looking pieces and stock up if you’re with me on the whole viral “coastal grandmother” thing. You’re welcome.

The perfect billowy linen shirt. These do come up oversized, so size down to avoid being drowned. 

These were a major best seller last year, and I can see why. 

Hello, tailored linen trousers. I love you. 

A classic white linen shirt will be the most versatile piece in your spring/summer wardrobe. 

These are a good alternative to the sold-out version. 

I’m very into charcoal-black linen this year.

Perfect for the office. 

Such a great neutral colour. 

These are almost sold out in black and cream, too. But they’ll no doubt be restocked before summer. 

This shirt with cream jeans makes the perfect spring outfit. 

This looks like such good quality. 

Light-blue shirts are perfect for pairing with neutrals. 

the best thing about linen shirts is that they double up as the best beach cover-ups for holidays. 

Such a versatile, easy piece.

Another beautiful linen option. 

I’d happily live in these trousers. 

Such a cute all-purpose dress. 

Why not try a linen short suit for the office this summer?

These shorts would also look chic with a white vest top. 

So chic. 

This slouchy suit could easily pass for designer. 

How clean and fresh is this look?

A basic you’ll never regret. 

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