H&M’s Showstopping Party Drop Is Here, and I Tried On the Best Pieces

If I had to summarise H&M’s latest limited-edition capsule in three words, they would have to be these: big party energy. Voluminous tulle! Sequin-strewn minis! Giant-bow tops! A collection for shrinking violets, this is not that. Coming under the headline of the Circular Design Story, this H&M collection focuses on high-octane partywear made from innovative materials and designed with versatility in mind. Think blazers that can be worn as both dresses and jackets, adjustable-width trousers and ball gowns that come apart in two pieces. 

I wouldn’t exactly describe this collection as wearable, but if you’re looking for a party look that’s going to turn heads and light up your Instagram feed, then this is the one for you. I got the chance to try on my favourite pieces from the collection, and there really are some gems in there. At the top of my list is the three-piece white suit, which has the most beautiful silken fabric and an impeccable fit. I also have to give a shout-out to the seriously extra tulle polka-dot dress, which is slightly bonkers but so damn beautiful.  The collection drops tomorrow morning, but if you’re trying to decide what to buy ahead of time (these edits don’t tend to stick around for long), I’ve done a round-up of the H&M Circular Design Story pieces that get my stamp of approval. Scroll down to see what I found.

Style Notes: The first thing I noticed about this three-piece suit was the quality of the fabric. It draped so beautifully and looked super premium. The blazer comes with a dramatic cut-out detail on the back, and the waistcoat is quite cropped, so it sits nicely with the high-waisted trousers. 

Style Notes: It’s fair to say that I’m not usually a hot-pink lover, but there’s something about the minimalist cut of this two-piece dress that feels so chic. With its thin straps, cut-out back and full skirt (featuring pockets, hallelujah), I can totally imagine someone like Carey Mulligan wearing it on the red carpet. 

Style Notes: Now, I’m not entirely sure what you would wear this dress to, but my goodness, it is a showstopper. With layers and layers of voluminous polka-dot tulle and a corseted bust, the silhouette of the dress is truly incredible. If you told me that this was from Giambattista Valli, I would believe you.

Style Notes: This is actually one of the collection’s city-specific pieces, which can only be bought in-store in London. It will also be produced in very limited quantity, so it won’t stick around for long. The XXL pink ruffles remind me of party pieces from the ’80s, and they perfectly balance out the clean lines of the classic black blazer. It’s surprisingly wearable (well, compared to a micro mini) but seriously statement-making. 

Style Notes: I feel a little bit like a Christmas present in this dress, in the best way possible. The dress is a snug fit, which is sort of needed to balance out the oversized bow. Plus, the hemline is quite high (note if you’re tall). But if you’re looking for a LBD with a twist, then this is the one for you.

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