I Found the 24 Most Expensive-Looking Items at Zara

If I’m being honest, I check Zara’s new-in section often (read: every day). I tell myself that it’s an integral part of my job and that it’s easier to keep on top of the new happenings at Zara if I take a small amount of time to do so regularly (as opposed to a once-in-a-while deep dive). The truth is I’m a little bit obsessed.

I don’t spend frivolously at Zara (or anywhere, for that matter). I give every potential purchase, be it a £26 shirt or an £850 Loewe bag, the same consideration. I ask myself: Is it worth it? Do I need it? Will it work with pieces I already own? And I really need this sort of self-control when I head onto Zara because it is all too tempting to fall into bad shopping habits when everything is so affordable and feels so current. This is why I try to stick to expensive-looking, somewhat timeless pieces from Zara—pieces I know I’ll wear often and can justify investing in.

Anna Borisovna wears a Zara skirt and sandals. 

So what do I consider Zara’s most expensive-looking items? It differs with each drop. Now, I find myself drawn to its palette of neutrals—beiges, bright whites, earthy hues, and of course, the most expensive-looking shade of them all: black. Fabrications are also a key component in Zara’s more premium aesthetic. I think it creates the strongest broderie pieces—an embroidery technique that always looks high-end and a bit French—on the high street.

You’ll notice that my edit is almost entirely devoid of prints. Although this wasn’t deliberate, I don’t think Zara’s 2022 print offering looks the most expensive. (Although it does make a statement.) So instead, I’ve embraced crochet and different weave techniques, which break up the streak of block colours below but don’t take away from the whole vibe I’m going for. Scroll on to see my edit of expensive-looking Zara items, and hopefully, you’ll see something you like.

See what I mean about Zara’s broderie pieces? Just stunning. 

Draping is a major trend for 2022. I think it looks expensive. 

I’d gladly make this my holiday aesthetic. 

Gold buttons up the fancy factor on any jacket. 

The oversized buckle gives these flat sandals major Khaite vibes. 

To me, covered buttons have the power to make any outfit look premium. 

These earrings look like a work of art.

This is simple and looks so luxe. 

Tailored trousers are here to stay. 

Look to Zara’s pared-back summer bags to finish any expensive-looking outfit. 

Ruffled swimwear is so on-trend and also looks pretty bougie. 

I’m in love with these sandals. 

While this isn’t the most affordable item on my list, it looks more expensive than it is. 

Minimal tailoring is something Zara does very well indeed. 

The pink Zara dress that broke TikTok now comes in white. 

This shirt went straight into my basket. 

The clean lines on this mini make it look so premium. 

Zara really knows how to create excellent costume jewellery. 

I’ve seen this waistcoat on so many influencers. 

Note to self: Always buy the matching pieces in a set. 

Details like the built-in wooden necklace aren’t something you’d expect to see on the high street. 

I can’t wait to wear this on holiday. 

Minimalistic strappy sandals are all you need to take an outfit from day to night. 

Finishing on a high note with this perfect pair of black trousers. Bravo, Zara. 

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