I Just Tried Kate Moss’s Cosmoss, and These Are All of My Honest Thoughts

In the year that gave us no less than 12 celebrity-fronted skincare and beauty brand launches (the latest being Jared Leto’s Twentynine Palms), there is an air of scepticism surrounding the efficacy and need for quite so many celeb products to hit the shelves. As someone who rushed to try Harry Styles’s “Pleasing” serum when it was released last year only to be put off by the texture on the back of my hand let alone my face, I too joined the wary club of skincare fans looking for a new release that would actually deliver on it’s promises. And then Kate Moss’s Cosmoss concept was announced. 

Unlike Hailey Bieber’s Rhode or Brad Pitt’s Le Domaine Skincare, Cosmoss positions itself as a wellness brand first and a beauty brand second. Its mission statement speaks of the importance of self-care, balance and restoration, presumably meaning that once we better look after ourselves holistically, the results will speak for themselves. And in a post-pandemic society gearing up to head back into the stressful 9-to-5, the timing couldn’t be better.

All in all, the collection is compromised of six products: two herbal teas, an eau de parfum, a moisturiser, an antioxidant oil, and a cleanser, all designed to echo Moss’s own routine from morning tea to evening skincare. I was immediately fascinated to see if this six-step ritual is the secret to achieving supermodel skin.

Stock was limited, so I wasn’t able to test the routine in full. I went with one of the hero skincare products that appealed to me the most: the Golden Nectar. As someone with chronically dry skin (particularly in the colder months), I changed up my routine to include less water-based moisturisers and more face oils, and the sound of this “deeply regenerative” oil spoke my language. Ingredients include rosemary extract for its high levels of vitamin E, chia-seed extract, which is full of calcium to support a heathy skin barrier, calming CBD oil, and Mythical Tears of Chios (better known as Mastic resin), an aid in collagen production.

On day one, I began by applying a couple of drops to clean skin and massaging it in. For those who haven’t tried CBD oil before, it’s a heavier, glossy, yellow-toned oil with a slightly earthy fragrance. Although it isn’t strong enough for aromatherapy per se, it does immediately remind me of CBD sleep drops, so I already feel calmer by association. Unlike some face oils that take ages to soak in and can leave a sticky residue on your hands, this is surprisingly fast absorbing and does make my thirsty skin feel quenched, but while Moss’s routine recommends using the oil in the day, I applied before bed to see the untouched results the next morning.

Day one of Cosmoss Golden Nectar without make-up. 

After only a few uses, I’m happy to see some immediate results, but not necessarily the ones I had expected. I had a patch of un-pigmented skin from a cut on my face a few weeks prior, and although it was on its way to healing, my new routine had it all but faded away in record time. I also noticed that I hadn’t reached for my usual glass-skin moisturiser for a couple of days, as I was waking up with skin that still felt nourished and hydrated and didn’t need anything more heavy duty.

I will say, however, that you only need to use a couple of drops because a little really does go a long way. Those with oily skin, this isn’t for you. Only one application in the evening followed up by washing and moisturising in the morning was still enough for my foundation to look a little shiny by the afternoon. On the plus side, it gave me the confidence to forgo a full face of makeup and opt for a little concealer instead. This is definitely the kind of treat that skincare buffs will relish.

Cosmoss Golden Nectar after one week with concealer, mascara and blusher. 

So how does it stack up against its promises to “soothe irritated skin, reactivate cells and detoxifiy the skin, make skin appear younger, plumper and firmer and slow down the skin’s ageing process”? I can’t say for certain if I necessarily look younger, but it certainly does soothe irritated skin and provide enough hydration to give my skin that post-facial glow. Although I originally balked at the three-figure price tag, it’s still priced lower than some of its competitors (I’m looking at you, La Mer Renewal Oil). Unlike moisturisers, face oils are difficult to get right, and I find that you won’t find a good one on the market for less than £30–£35.

All in all, this is one of the few buzzy products that actually lives up to the hype (the rest of the product line is pending), and while I can’t guarantee that the £25 Dusk Tea will give me the good night’s sleep I so desperately need, for now, the Golden Nectar will make it look like I have.

The perfect oil to use with a massaging face tool like a gua sha or jade roller. 

A mood-boosting mist with head notes of orange flower and bergamot and base notes of oak moss, cedarwood and tonka to create a calming atmosphere. 

A rich face cream that uses Bakuchiol, a plant-based alternative to retinol, to stimulate natural collagen production.

An invigorating blend of hibiscus flower, ginger root and bayleaf to help kickstart your day. 

And unwind with chamomile, lemongrass and hops cone to relieve tension and anxiety for a better night’s sleep.

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