I Know Good Jewellery—These Pieces Are Officially Trend-Proof

If accessories have the power to make an outfit, then I think jewellery should be considered the cornerstone of any effective ensemble. I’ve been writing about jewellery for well over a decade, and as something of a magpie myself, I can discern the importance of jewellery in any wardrobe. Traditionally, jewellery is divided into two categories: Pieces are either trend-led (aka they’re so of the moment that they’re just as identifiable as the latest It bag or sell-out shoe), or they’re timeless, forever treasures that will never go out of style.

While there’s certainly a place for both types in any jewellery box, over the last few years, I’ve noticed that the line between trendy and timeless jewellery has blurred. Take pearls, for example. Pearls are as classic as jewellery comes, but lately, they’ve broken free from their strung-up constraints and have been blown up into jumbo and baroque proportions to create statement pieces that are also wholly elegant and trend-proof. This is a difficult combination to master, but apparently, not for Thomas Sabo.

Thomas Sabo has a knack for creating premium but directional jewellery, so it should come as no surprise that the designer’s take on classic pieces is a cool one. There’s the Sparkling Heritage collection, which focuses on sparkle in a way that’s effortless and fashion-approved. There’s also the Pearls & Chains collection, a marriage of my two favourite jewellery aesthetics.

I was struck by just how expensive the pieces in each collection look. I had initially spotted them on the necks, hands, and wrists of those in the know on Instagram and immediately assumed they’d be well beyond my budget. But in true Thomas Sabo form, the price points are attainable. Even if you need to save a little to afford these pieces, I think passing on that expensive takeaway coffee is a worthy sacrifice to make for jewellery that’ll stand the test of time. 

Scroll below to see my favourite pieces. I’m sure you’ll agree they’re each a thing of beauty.

While the Sparkling Heritage collection also boasts colourful pieces, I’m always drawn to the simplicity and versatility of white stones. Whether you love classic tennis bracelets or chunky rings, you’re sure to find something to suit your jewellery look.

Pair the freshwater pearl with an on-trend chain, and what do you get? The sort of jewellery I want to wear on a daily basis. I love how this Pearls & Chains piece is mixed with hits from the Sparkling Heritage collection—proof that although these pieces stand out, they have endless wearing potential.