If You Swore Off Bras in 2020, These 44 Will Change Your Mind

If we’re being honest, getting dressed in anything but sweatpants last year wasn’t exactly the highest priority on our lists (much less putting on a pretty bra). But we’ve entered a brand-new year, and we can’t think of a more simple resolution than to lift your spirits every day than by slipping into clothing you love. From picking a 2021 trend to test out first to embracing low-effort outfit ideas, there are so many easy ways to find joy in dressing up again—even if it’s just worn on your living room sofa. And the easiest thing to embrace this year is a pretty bra.  Before you let any anti-bra sentiment steer you, let us attest to the fact that there’s power in this staple piece. A pretty bra can not only be styled as a bra top look or underneath your coziest work-from-home outfit, but it’s also the most straightforward piece to put on that makes you feel like you tried. Not convinced yet? Keep scrolling to see the 44 prettiest bras in every style that will make even the most anti-bra readers convert to the cause.

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This piece originally appeared on Who What Wear U.S.