I’m a Fashion Expert, and I Want to Copy These 18 Perfect Outfits

Sometimes it feels like Instagram is only providing wild, adventurous, trend-smashing outfit ideas, and don’t even get me started on TikTok trends. The most visual social media hubs are, perhaps understandably, where colour and print and a bold approach are often rewarded. As a result, it can be hard to track down chic, easy, understated outfits to test for oneself without A) having to spend an absolute fortune, B) needing to rework an entire wardrobe or C) being an ardent minimalist.

So while I’m all here for a crazy print clash, a vibrant hue or a strong silhouette, I also occasionally find myself in the mood for a little respite from the merry-go-round. That’s what this story provides. I’ve spent many years analysing outfits—on the streets, within the industry and now on platforms like IG—and can tell a winning, easy, copy-able look when I spot one. So below you’ll find some recent, spring-ready outfits I’ve seen on my feed that tick all of the aforementioned boxes, and none of them could ever be considered boring or basic or uninspired. Yes, they are all relatively muted in colour, but that is for versatility—many of the get-ups you’ll see below can be mixed and matched to great effect. Additionally, I’ve also highlighted the key item that brings each look together so you can be ultra-focused on building these ideas out for yourself—simple!

Style Notes: The first place I head for grown-up, simple, beautiful outfits? Alexis Foreman’s feed! A classic example here of how well-assembled basic pieces can look great. For me, it’s all about this artfully slung jumper and the cool shades.

Style Notes: Abi’s clever combination of something twee (the twinset) with something modern (the denim skirt) is genius.

Style Notes: Rachael’s whimsical white dress looks more city-ready with black sandals and a black bag. A very easy-yet-effective move.

Style Notes: Renia loves a statement piece, and here, it’s the brilliant blouse that is allowed to stand out thanks to the subtle pieces styled around it.

Style Notes: Want to get your partywear out of retirement? Then simply add a super-casual jumper into the mix, et voilà: a perfect high-low combination.

Style Notes: Like a 2022 update to jeans and a tee, just adding a shirred top into the mix makes all the difference. Also, a special mention must go out to the cherry-red beret.

Style Notes: Aside from a perfect-fit dress, I’d say there’s nothing easier to throw on and look pulled-together in than knitted co-ords.

Style Notes: Bianca knows the way to my heart—a suede jacket is my go-to with all sorts of spring outfits, from denim to ditsy floral dresses. The best are usually vintage.

Style Notes: When in doubt, monochrome and texture is a formula you can always rely upon. Also, how premium does this high-street cardigan look?

Style Notes: The solution doesn’t have to be tailoring or denim. Some of the easiest and chicest outfits are beautiful, timeless dresses that don’t require OTT styling.

Style Notes: Debora’s vibe here is a little bit Annie Hall with a dash of Chandler Bing, and I’m into it. The point of difference? That waistcoat.

Style Notes: Yes, this is a little more adventurous, but the takeaway is that tonal outfits always look sophisticated. Also, knitted polos are a great alternative to other jumpers if you like your fit to be snug.

Style Notes: This white-shirt-and-beige-trousers idea has been really picking up speed this week. It’s low-key and all the cooler for it.

Style Notes: Anne-Victoire proves my earlier point about co-ords being so damn chic. They don’t have to be knitted, but you’ll get more wear out of plain than printed.

Style Notes: Patchwork denim is trending, and because it’s so out-there, you only need an ultra-plain top to wear with it.

Style Notes: Loïka has confirmed it for me: Utility jumpsuits are now a classic item in any wardrobe.

Style Notes: For those of you who like your outfits to veer bohemian, this is still a fantastic way to keep things slick—a billowing skirt with a simple knit and sensible sandals.

Style Notes: When it’s still too chilly to ignore your winter clothes altogether, this cute combo from Danielle works a treat. Swap out boots for sandals when the time comes.

Next up, the microtrends we’re all talking about.