I’m Buying My Christmas Gifts During the Black Friday Sales—Here’s What I Like

I don’t know about you, but I get a bit overwhelmed by the Black Friday madness. Usually, at the first hint of an IRL sale, I run in the opposite direction to avoid the flurry of shoppers. When it comes to online sales, though, it’s a different experience. 

I’m not one of these people who impulse buys just because one of my favourite sites has a sale—I think before I shop. So instead, I’ve been adding items to my online wish lists with Christmas presents in mind. I believe this is the smart way to tackle the Black Friday sales and get ahead of Christmas shopping. But if I happen to see something that I need (read: want) along the way, who am I to argue with fate? 

As of now, we do not yet have the intel to give you as to which brands, stores and items will definitely be featured as part of the Black Friday discounts, but I’ve put together a Black Friday/Christmas pressie guide, in the hope that some of these will be discounted later down the line. They may not, of course, and we’ll be sure to update the gallery once all of the deals start rolling in. But for now, consider this your one-stop shop for the best gifts in town.

I would be so happy with a fancy candle as a Christmas gift—maybe you’ll be able to find some great options come Black Friday.

I would never turn my nose up at a chic cashmere jumper.

The coffee-table book everyone wants!

Imagine unwrapping this on the big day.

Gifting homewares is all about finding something non-basic!

Yes please, and thank you!

Hello, NYE dress of my dreams.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like posh pjs.

Cashmere for Christmas gets a yes from me. 

The brand everyone wants in their home.

When in doubt, get perfume. 

I would gladly wear these all winter long. Add ribbed grey socks for the full shebang.

There isn’t a wardrobe in the land that doesn’t need a little black belt.

I can’t help but fall for a charming napkin set…

Who wouldn’t want the smell of Maison Margiela in their home?

A blanket that’s almost good enough to wear.

Everyone still wants a pair of Vejas.

Stay hydrated, people!


Next up, these are the best Black Friday clothing deals.

This story was published at an earlier time and has since been updated.