It’s Unclear, But This May or May Not Be the Newest £35 Ugg Trend

If you came to this story thinking that there’s a new pair of Ugg boots out there that only costs £35, I regret to inform you that that will probably never come to be, but there is a £35 Ugg item that’ll add a cool, protective boost to your boots and sneakers. This magical item is the Ugg Boot Guard, which fits over the sole of your boots to keep the rain and snow away from the suede.

The Boot Guard actually came out in 2021, but for one reason or another, it’s picked up steam as of late. While the waterproof Boot Guards were made to protect Ugg’s collection of boots, GQ recently reported that sneakerheads were also using them with their beloved Nikes and New Balances. Whatever type of shoe you choose to pair it with, Ugg’s Boot Guard is perhaps the season’s most practical accessory trend. Rain and snow do not mix well with most shoes, especially Ugg boots.

When I looked at the Boot Guards on Ugg’s e-commerce site, it stated that 6.9k people were viewing the page at that very moment, which feels like a lot. Given all of this, I have a feeling these are going to fly out of stock, so order your pair while you can.

Scroll on to shop the Boot Guards as well as my favourite Ugg boots to pair them with.

A great Christmas gift for Ugg or sneaker lovers. 

Even classic boots are protected. 

With the unpredictable weather right now, we think these will be everywhere very soon. 

Why not make them a feature of the look with a bold hue?

This bubblegum colour is currently on sale!

A classic black will go with everything. 

This two-tone version combined with the platform sole feels incredibly fresh. 

The khaki will look so good with blue denim. 

A nostalgic style. 

Okay, the chocolate is a real contender. 

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This piece originally appeared on Who What Wear U.S. and has since been updated.