I’ve Been Recommending This Viral TikTok Product To Everyone I Know

As a beauty journalist and all-round beauty lover, I would definitely say that I’m spoilt for choice when it comes to the brands I have access to over here in the UK. Whether it’s nipping into Boots for the latest makeup offers or shopping online for a top-up of my favourite skincare products, there’s always so much to choose from. However, sometimes I just wish that all beauty products were as easy to get my hands on.

I’m always happy to make an overseas beauty purchase and some of my favourite beauty sites to shop on include ColourPop Cosmetics and Makeup by Mario who both ship worldwide. Something I’ve noticed over the past 12 months however is a lot of my favourite US-based beauty brands cropping up in the UK and the recent UK launch of Youthforia, genuinely made me squeal with excitement.

Enter, Youthforia’s TikTok viral BYO blush. I was first introduced to the brand in the midst of lockdown when I was scrolling through TikTok (as you do) and came across a video of someone raving about how the blush is universally flattering for all skin tones, adapting to the skin’s pH to give everyone a unique flush of colour. I was so mesmerised by the results that I wasted no time putting it to the test.

Having been trying the blush oil for the past six months, below I detail everything you need to know about this blush that’s the first of its kind.

Vanese Maddix wearing Youthforia’s BYO Blush.

BYO blush is actually the first of its kind as it is the world’s first colour changing blush oil. I was instantly pulled in by the oil-based formula as it sits perfectly on top of skincare products for the perfect no-makeup makeup look. As someone who is all about the glow I really enjoy layering this blush oil over the top of a powder based one for an added pop of colour.

It isn’t just the glow that I love about it, but the rosy effect it leaves behind too. I like to apply it one of two ways, either by applying a stroke on each side of my cheeks and dabbing it in with my fingers or by bending it in with a big fluffy blush brush.

I think this blush would work great for all skin types and skin tones. It’s super hydrating and really easy to build up without the worry of it drying out the skin. Best of all? It’s now available to buy in the UK from Beauty Bay, along with Youthforia’s hydrating glosses.

Yet again my many hours of TikTok scrolling have led me to yet another beauty product that I now can’t get enough of!

If you love a lightweight blush with an intense and luminous flush, you’re sure to love this from SUQQU. The water-based formula quenches into the skin to give it a hydrating and radiant glow!

Florence by Mills is my go-to when it comes to a lightweight blush. One swipe unveils a subtle pop of colour.

This velvety blush is the perfect hybrid of a blush and highlighter. Formulated with skin-loving ingredients like Vitamin E and plant-derived squalene for a hydrating finish.

While this pick isn’t technically a blush, there’s nothing stopping you from using it that way. This buildable creamy bronzer creates the perfect sun-kissed glow that adds depth to all complexions.

Not only does this blush come in the most elegant packaging but the actual product itself is *chef’s kiss*—the blush stick melts seamlessly into the skin for a creamy colour payoff that can even be added to the lips and lids.