I’ve Never Regretted Buying This Shirt Style—It’s Vital to My Wardrobe

I don’t want to bore you to tears with yet another “staple” to have in your wardrobe but I can’t talk about great versatile pieces without mentioning the striped shirt. Usually discarded in favour of the classic white version or a Breton, this top meets somewhere in the middle. I think people are often put off by it because it can appear quite corporate—unless that’s the vibe you’re going for of course. But I want to change your mind on that front and convince you that the striped shirt is actually very chic and way more versatile than you realise. 

Personally, I’ve not regretted buying this shirt. I bought a vintage men’s Ralph Lauren blue and white striped shirt over five years ago and I continue to wear it today. I’ll happily pair it with black trousers, jeans, and slip dresses. It became a real staple for the street style set a few seasons ago, most notably when Balenciaga’s versions became super popular in about 2016, and they’ve not budged ever since. 

I’ve seen this humble shirt paired with tie-die jackets and printed skirts or tucked into contrasting striped trousers. So if you think this shirt isn’t versatile, then think again. I’d also argue that it’s the ideal shirt for those pesky Zoom meetings and also for wearing at the weekend, which is great when the lines have blurred between our working and relaxing wardrobes. 

If you’re convinced, then keep scrolling to see my edit of the best. The good news is that you can either go for the expensive designer options or try the high-street versions instead. My pro tip, however, is always check out the men’s versions if you’re looking for something oversized. Keep scrolling for more. 

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