Katie Holmes and Alexa Are Styling Their Jeans In the Exact Same Way

A jeans and a button-down shirt might not be the most exciting outfit combination going, but over fashion month Katie Holmes and Alexa Chung have both worn this classic duo in the exact same way. They only fastened one or to of the buttons, close to the collar, leaving the rest of the shirt open, to create a more dramatic flowing effect when walking and make simple cut jeans more interesting. Alexa wore hers to a party in London with AMI celebrating the launch of The Queer Bible by Jack Guinness, and so she used accessories to make it more of an evening look. She opted for a dark green silky oversized shirt, with just one button fastened, with a sparkly belt and strappy stiletto heels. This is the perfect outfit for those who want to look fabulous, but like they haven’t tried too hard.

Katie Holmes at New York Fashion Week

Alexa Chung at a party with AMI celebrating the launch of The Queer Bible by Jack Guinness

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