Mulberry’s Iconic It Bag Just Received an Upgrade—Now It’s Better Than Ever

Each member of the Who What Wear UK team has a favourite Mulberry bag—don’t we all? However, it’s becoming harder and harder to choose just one favorite because the luxury lifestyle brand continues to up the ante when it comes to both its designs and its approach to sustainability. And just when we thought the Lily (aka the most practical, neat and long-lasting multi-strap bag) couldn’t get any better, along comes a carbon-neutral version.

Influencers, editors and many stylish customers have been turning to this signature shape, with its instantly recognisable Postman’s lock, since it was first introduced back in 2010. Some handbags don’t stand the test of time, but thanks to the Lily’s versatility and minimalistic chain-strap design, it has surpassed a fleeting trend moment and become a classic buy. And now that the clever Mulberry team is using innovative methods to produce a carbon-neutral range of 12 different Lily bags, its status has shot up once more. We like our investment buys to be both infinitely re-wearable and created consciously so they have as little impact on the environment as possible.

So what goes into making the Lily Zero collection? First of all, the styles in the Lily Zero family are made from carbon-neutral leather and produced by skilled craftspeople in Mulberry’s carbon-neutral Somerset factories. It’s the next step in Mulberry’s big plan to go net zero on carbon emissions by 2035. Even the German tannery that supplies the leather of these lovely bags commissioned its own solar park on-site earlier this year in order to support its other renewable energy sources. And before you wonder about the environmental toll of getting one of these bags from Germany into your hands, you should know that Mulberry has undertaken a full “life cycle assessment” to analyse the carbon emissions of the range. This analysis includes components, transport, and packaging, all of which have been additionally offset with the World Land Trust, the brand’s carbon offsetting partner. You can see Mulberry’s full Made to Last program here for more information about all of the initiatives across the business.

If you still aren’t convinced by the brand’s credentials, the great new colourways (everything from oak to Mulberry pink) and our enthusiasm, then why not try the new Lily bag on via AR (augmented reality) technology? You can see what the bag looks like through a virtual lens if you can’t get to a store IRL.

Shop our picks from Mulberry’s Lily Zero collection below.