One Perfect Pair of Jogging Bottoms Worn 5 Different Ways

Who did the PR for banana bread and stretchy waistbands this year? Because honestly, they’re the real winners when it comes to the pandemic. A year (!) into working from home, not only have I perfected my banana bread recipe but stretchy waistbands and I are very well acquainted. In fact, I’ve become so reliant on softer clothes that I’ve been wondering how my new wardrobe will work when we re-enter the more sociable world. There’s one item in particular that I’m reluctant to stop wearing, and that’s the perfect pair of grey joggers. Being an inventive fashion journalist, I’ve got the solution: Make them work with outfits that are also great for other activities that don’t involve anything to do with baking or sitting at a computer.

When I bought a grey tracksuit from Zara a few months ago, I didn’t expect to like it so much. While the high-street store used to be known for stocking trousers that are too long for those of us under 5’3”, these are the perfect size. They’re high-waisted but finish at my ankle, so they look remarkably smart, even if I’m just wearing them with slippers. While they’ve been brilliant for WFH, I’m contemplating how I can fit them into a more “normal” wardrobe. Well, I’ve done just that by pairing the trousers with a variety of different looks. 

Whether it’s for a walk or even meeting friends in the pub (outside of course!), there’s a look that will work for every new event you might actually plan and put in your diary. Because if you’re not keen on giving up stretchy waistbands yet, the good news is that you don’t have to. Keep scrolling for my one perfect pair of jogging bottoms worn five different ways.

Style Notes: I love wearing a smart coat over a tracksuit. It immediately gives it a more polished look. I add a gold necklace and a pair of white trainers for my ideal meet-a-friend-for-a-walk outfit. 

Style Notes: I’m aware this is a little “fashion,” and pairing animal-print boots with joggers isn’t for everyone, but this is exactly what I’d like to wear when we’re back in the office. 

Style Notes: What I’ve realised is that to make joggers look smarter, it’s all about the jacket and accessories. A cropped jacket makes this outfit feel very 2021, and for my new pub look, I’m adding a cool bag and black sneakers.

Style Notes: I can’t remember the last time I went “out out,” but trust me: This is the front runner now. 

Style Notes: It wouldn’t be fair to talk about all my “outside” looks without discussing the one I wear consistently when I’m working: the grey joggers and the matching sweatshirt with shearling Birkenstocks and a thick blue A.P.C. jumper over the top. 

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