Puff-Sleeve Dresses Are My Favourite Type of Dresses—29 I Have on My Wish List

Nothing puts me in a joyful mood quite like a dress. Merely stepping or slipping into one elevates my look instantly and requires minimal thinking on my part to style, making it ideal for when I want to look like I’ve made an effort. It’s a win-win. And while I don’t like to pick favourites when it comes to dresses (they’re all beautiful in their own way), you need only glance into my wardrobe for the briefest of moments to notice that many of them feature puff sleeves.

Puff sleeves made a comeback on the fashion scene about five years ago and have stuck around ever since. And although they’re a regular feature on tops (my collection of milkmaid tops continues to grow with each passing season), I like them best when added to a dress.

From mini puffs that add a playful twist to jumbo puffs that create spectacular silhouettes, I love puff-sleeve dresses, regardless of their form. They’re sweet and easy to style. I prefer wearing mine with chunky sandals and a slouchy shoulder bag to take the twee factor (which can creep in with a puff-sleeve dress) down a notch. Being petite and busty, I also find that puff-sleeve dresses help balance my frame, meaning I walk taller and feel tenfold more confident when I wear one. And ultimately, that’s how we should feel in everything we wear.

Proving just as prevalent this summer as they were last, puff-sleeve dresses are dominating just about every new-in section I can think of right now. However, you needn’t take the afternoon off to navigate through them all—I’ve done the hard work for you by rounding up 29 of the best puff-sleeve dresses out there. Ahead, scroll through the best puff-sleeve-dress content on the internet.

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