Sienna Miller Has Cracked Low-Key Winter Dressing With This Cosy Outfit

We love nothing more than pouring over Sienna Miller’s impressive outfit archives whenever we could use a fresh dose of outfit inspiration, as her sheer sartorial versatility makes her so darn exciting to spotlight. While some celebrities wouldn’t dream of stepping out unless they’re entirely made-up and wearing the hottest new pieces, Miller’s innate fashion sense is just as prevalent in her most casual everyday wares as it is when she’s appearing on the red carpet. In fact, if it’s even possible, we find her off-duty looks all the more appealing, as, generally speaking, they’re easier for us to re-create.

So, if you’re anything like us, and you’re suddenly searching for the ideal winter outfit to wear on repeat for the next six months, look no further than Sienna Miller, who was photographed in New York this week in the perfect cold-weather ensemble. Whether your daily plans involve doing the school run, walking the dog, or simply heading to the supermarket to stock up on supplies, Miller had made getting dressed so much simpler with her latest formula—a printed puffer, tapered joggers, and retro trainers. 

We know what you’re thinking—the Queen of Boho in a puffer jacket? It might not be the sort of thing that instantly springs to mind when discussing Sienna Miller but, with the addition of a technicolour fair isle print, this Ralph Lauren puffer makes sense for her. Pairing it with some classic grey joggers, plus some statement kicks from Gucci, this look is a little bit out-there, but that makes us love it all the more, and even though she’s currently based in NYC, this casual look shows she really is a London girl at heart. Plus, it also serves as proof that even the most stylish celebs are still just as tethered to their comfy clothes as we are, which is a comfort in itself. 

Keep scrolling to browse the pieces you’ll need to re-create Sienna Miller’s casual outfit this winter. 

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