The 10 Best Hair Masks That Will Give Your Strands Some TLC

As much as I welcome the winter months with open arms—glitter covered manicures, the Michael Bublé Christmas album, cinnamon scented candles and duvet coats I’m looking at you—there are some things I 100% could do without.

The significant drop in temperature means everywhere from my face to my scalp become a lot more susceptible to dryness. My hands become cracked, the area around my nose begins to flake, my lips are anything but luscious and the skin on my legs is giving reptile energy. As a result, I always ensure I level up my skincare regime at this time of the year, incorporating heavy duty moisturisers, serums and lip balms packed full of nourishing and hydrating ingredients.

But one beauty product I well and truly can’t live without at this time of year is the humble hair mask. “Colder months can really dry your hair out as it prevents your hair from retaining healthy levels of moisture, causing dullness and additional frizz,” explains Justin Anderson, celebrity colourist and founder of dpHUE. On top of this, central heating can also dry out your hair further making it more brittle and fragile so any heat tools are likely to cause even more damage than usual.

The beauty of a hair mask is that they get deep into hair strands and the cuticle to repair breakage and strengthen from root to tip. They are also a must if you have coloured hair, especially if it has been bleached, as it is a whole lot more sensitive to all of the above.

“The key with hair treatments is to keep them up and ensure they are used weekly to keep hair condition at its best,” explains Sam McKnight, celebrity hairstylist and founder of Hair by Sam McKnight. I have got into the habit of doing exactly this, on a day where I have little to no plans, so I can leave it on for as long as possible with a plastic cap on top, and wash it out hours later. I have naturally fine hair and it’s never looked shinier or fuller. My top tip? Apply before binging the latest Netflix series and by the time you’re a few episodes in your hair will have a new lease of life! Or, leave a mask in during a working from home day and let is do its thing while you bash out emails.

So, without further ado, here are the best hair masks for dry hair.

A hair mask with all the ingredients for the ultimate hair healing recipe. “It also helps seal split ends which are more visible after exposure to sun in the summer months,” says McKnight.

Formulated in the brands iconic scent – which if you haven’t smelt, I implore you to –this mask is a must for repairing and building hair strength as well as adding moisture and shine.

For the hectic weeks with absolutely no chill, this is my go-to. “It helps to rebuild broken bonds and seal hair cuticles – keeping styles intact and your hair feeling repaired,” says Syd Hayes, international session hairstylist and Babyliss ambassador.

Hayes’ top tip? “Put in a deeply conditioning hair mask, slick it back in a ponytail and head to the gym.” That’s why I’ll be reaching for this tub of hydrating goodness before my next spinning session.

Enriched with Mirsalehi honey, it works to restore the hair’s natural moisture balance. Use as a post-shampoo treatment for 5-7 minutes (or longer if you have time) before applying a conditioner.

“For coloured and bleached hair, sulphate and paraben free formulations with mild surfactants that gently cleanse without stripping your scalp or hair of moisture is key,” says McKnight. This cult formula has saved my hair on multiple occasions – the worst being my dodgy DIY highlights at university.

For curly hair in need of a little TLC, this rich and hydrating blend wraps each curl in a loving cocoon of marula oil and prickly pear seed oil.

A hair mask specifically catered for bleached, permed or relaxed hair. It restores hydration, body and shine without weighing it down.

It’s rich mix of natural oils, including rosehip and almond, along with aloe and algae extract make it an absolute winner for dry hair. Use it weekly to add tons of moisture, as well as to help undo the effects of heat styling and/or chemical treatments. 

A restorative mask specifically for thirsty hair. “It’s a progressive treatment, made with smart proteins and essential fatty acids, that will continue to help enrich hair’s moisture and elasticity with each use,” says Anderson.

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