The Anti-Naked Dress Trend Stylish Celebs Are Embracing on the Red Carpet

It takes no more than a quick glance over the latest red carpet appearances to see the monumental rise of the ‘naked dress’. Whether it’s a reaction against the banality of our lockdown wardrobes or simple a chance to create a social media stir, either way, it seems no sign of disappearing anytime soon. That being said, we have recently noticed a totally different aesthetic gain momentum within the world of celebrity fashion. Call it an ‘anti-naked dress’, if you will. The trend at hand? A classic slouchy suit. 

Oversized, tailored and covered-up, this red carpet trend has been championed by the likes of Haim, Tracee Ellis Ross and, most recently, Ashley Olsen and Jodie Comer. While each celeb has brought their own spin on the look—from Comer’s beige-coloured sequins to Olsen’s head-to-toe black—every outfit packs that particular brand of nonchalant slouch, and we are so here for it. While the oversized suit undoubtedly looks at home on the runway, we’ve also seen plenty of editors at London Fashion Week embrace the look with casual tees and loafers. You can also wear each item separately as well as a full suited look, meaning more cost-per-wear. Scroll down to see the celeb looks and shop our fave slouchy suits. 

Ashley Olsen sticks to fashion editor black with this sleek tailored look.

We love the tonal effect Tracee creates with a suit and trench coat, plus just the smallest hint of patent. 

Haim have made slouchy suits their signature look on the red carpet, and we are so here for it.

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