The Olsen Twins and I Agree—This Is the Most Classic Coat You Can Buy

Let’s talk about coat trends. I’ve worked as a stylist and editor in this industry for almost a decade now and I’ve seen so many different statement styles have their moment in the spotlight—and then fade into the background again. Of course, we’re big believers at Who What Wear in buying pieces you personally truly love, whether they’re considered ‘on trend’ or not. That way you’re guaranteed to get the most wear out of your buys over time. But if you’re currently on the hunt for a new coat, and you’re looking to avoid the rotating conveyor belt of trends, there is one style that is guaranteed to be considered classic forever. Yes, I’m talking about the simple black coat, and I’ve rounded up the very best black coats for you below. 

Ashley Olsen is rarely seen without her black coat. 

A black puffer coat is just as timeless as a long wool style. 

Let it be known that a black coat certainly doesn’t have to be boring. Even the most feature-less versions will always feel incredibly chic. Whether you opt for a tailored wool style, a maxi length or oversized fit; cosy puffer or leather trench— it will not only go with everything you own, but also add that certain cool-girl effortlessness we’re basically all striving for. 

You only need to look to some of the world’s best-dressed people for proof that a black coat is a wise investment. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are very rarely seen without theirs, and it would be controversial if their The Row show didn’t include a version—even in spring. Camille Charrière, French It girl, original influencer and regular on the front row circuit, just designed, not one, but two classic black coats in her recent sellout collaboration with Mango. 

Abi shows us how to elevate a simple black coat with leather trousers and heels. 

I tried (and loved) this Arket style recently. 

Whatever your budget and taste, I’m 99.9% sure you’ll find your dream style below. I’ve scrolled and scrolled through high street offerings and all the luxury sites to bring you the very best black coats on the market in 2022. From beautiful quality classics, to more unique versions. Keep scrolling to shop (and you can thank me years later when you’re still wearing it on repeat). 

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