These 19 Strapless Bras Have the Best Reviews

Looking for the best strapless bra for you? I can help with that. 

Does such a thing as the best strapless bra exist? I can’t count the number of times I’ve sworn them off after spending an embarrassing evening hoisting them up. But when you want to wear your favourite off-the-shoulder dress, what are the options? Now, you could just go braless, but if you’re not exactly small-chested, this can pose a problem, not to mention it can leave you with quite the backache. So, thanks to the abundance of shoulder-baring tops, cami dresses and low-back options dropping in, I decided to go on a mission to find a decent strapless bra that fits well and stays put.

To help me, and you, find the best strapless bras and ensure they fit properly, I spoke to lingerie expert Eloise Rigby, who owns The Pantry Underwear, which caters to cups from A to K. She gave me a few helpful rules to stick to.

Without shoulder straps, cups are only supported by the back strap, so this needs enough pull to keep the cups in place. To compensate, you’ll (probably) need to go up a cup size.

This will ensure the longest life from the bra, so you can move inwards as the back strap stretches.

You should be able to pull it back only half an inch with resistance for a strapless bra.

And depending on the style of the central section of the bra, the wires that meet in the middle should be sitting flat.

Ready to shop strapless bras? Keep scrolling for the ones I’ve found with the best reviews. 

Standout review: “Without doubt one of the nicest strapless bras I have bought. Looks lovely and is comfortable. Lovely lace and so good I ordered two more…Also does what it says on the tin and keeps my D cups in place!!”

Standout review: “This is literally the best strapless bra I have ever purchased. I’ve made some mistakes before and although this is the most expensive bra I’ve purchased it’s actually the best value. It’s ultra comfortable and stays in place all day. Well worth the money—you get what you pay for.”

Standout review: “I have a few of these now they are super comfortable. Some I have removed the padding so they offer a different option when wearing vest tops. Highly recommend much better than a strapless bra.”

Standout review: “This is the bra you need in your wardrobe. The first time I wore this bra, I was shocked at the fit. My collection includes many brands but none compare to this Nubian number. It sits right under my breast (where it belongs) and provides lift… the rubbery coating around the bands ensure it stays in place. I love this bra and if I could only recommend one item from Nubian, it would be this bra.”

Standout review: “I have recently purchased this bra on the recommendation of my sister who is the same size as me and I love it, it fits like a glove and doesn’t pinch or move, great that it also has straps which you can also cross over although I would prefer a little connector instead. I have just ordered another in white and decided to also purchase the matching knicker too.”

Standout review: “This is classic Maison LeJaby. Lovely materials and construction and a perfect fit plus the adjustable straps to make it invisible under cutaway sleeves or strapless makes it an essential for me.”

Standout review: “This holds up my ridiculously large breasts without ever slipping. Yes, it needs to be tight to do the job but it’s only uncomfortable if you have to lay down while wearing it. Highly recommend this bra. The deep groves in my shoulders are finally pain-free!”

Standout review: “I wore this on my wedding day and it held all day. Not once did I have to readjust and I’m a 36E!”

Standout review: “I wasn’t expecting to like this as much as I did! I am a 34 DDD and usually bandeau bras are not an option for me but this one provided enough hold where I wasn’t pulling up my bra every two seconds while staying comfortable and not too tight.”

Standout review: “This is a very good basic strapless bra, perfect especially for the price. It seems well made with high quality fabric and stitching. The straps are easy to detach but perfectly functional when they are attached. The colour ‘palenude’ does not show through thinner white t shirts which is amazing. The back has 4 different size options to clasp so you can do it tighter or looser as preferred. I’ve also found this doesn’t show an outline of a bra through tighter shirts. The sizing is true to size (I’m a 32d and bought a 32d and it fits perfectly). Only thing is unlike some other strapless bras, this one does not have a rubber layer inside to help prevent slipping, however from wearing this for a few hours it does not seem to slip anyways.”

Standout review: “I can’t recommend this strapless bra enough, being big busted I avoid strapless bras as I just cant get them to fit right, from holding in to overall support & comfort. But this bra is a game changer and is so soft, comfortable and importantly supportive and actually holds you in properly. I followed reviews and sized down as the cups do come up bigger.”

Standout review: “Perfect strapless bra for larger boobs. I purchased this one for my 14 yr old 34E daughter, great support without looking too mature for her.”

Standout review: “This strapless bra fit as expected and I would say was true to size. It comes with removable straps so it can be worn in various fashion. It stays put and provides coverage and support. Lovely purchase and overall very happy.”

Standout review: “Fits really well and is very supportive even without the straps. Does not slip down stays in place which is exactly what you need in a [strapless] bra.”

Standout review: “Miracles do happen! I’ve always struggled with strapless bras, as breasts have always been (let’s face it) too big. In past experiences I’ve found strapless bras squish them down and flatten them, making them look a bit sad. This baby has some structure! I took it out of the box and thought it looked like it was never going to fit… but it did. It holds me up beautifully! I can dance and jiggle and my boobs aren’t going anywhere. They hold up so well. I did find the cups a bit too padded and I was worried that the top part of the bra would stick out and show under my clothes but it doesn’t at all. Even under the lightest of fabrics it smoothes out nicely. I’d say this is true to size too. Would highly recommend.”

Standout review: “Really comfortable strapless bra, excellent price and great quality.”

Standout review: “After 2 children and being maid of honour with a backless dress. Ive ordered every bra going and this one is perfect and the only one that gives incredible support and makes me feel a little more confident. Om a 32c and ordered a B. Im ordering more for sure.”

Standout review: “Oh my goodness, this bra belongs in a hall of fame. It’s practically the same control and support of a sports bra, I wore it and danced/jumped all night and I did not budge. I’m a 32J and have never known a strapless bra like it, worth every single penny! Supports like nothing on earth, is comfortable and allows you to rule a dance floor like the true Dancing Queen that you are! If you’re debating it, buy it you won’t regret it.” 

Standout review: “I was recommended this in branch so I hadn’t read the online reviews before I purchased, which would have put me off. Unlike the previous reviewers I found it stuck really well – I made sure I wasn’t wearing any moisturiser on my back as per instructions and had no problems. It held me in place under a low back dress which was what I bought it for! So overall really pleased.”

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