These 4 Jewellery Trends Will Always Be the Perfect Finishing Touch

Everyone likes to feel fancy from time to time. Especially now, when we can all really appreciate the art of celebrating again. Dressing up for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and even ‘just because’, has suddenly taken on new reverence; and rather than bemoan the effort it takes at the end of a working week, we’re now embracing those opportunities and languishing in the act. 

Yes, getting physically dressed in your favourite LBD is a huge part of that. But it shouldn’t be forgotten that one of the easiest ways to take an outfit from zero to hero is by adding some great jewellery. Every woman knows the power a flash of jewels has on even the most basic outfit. Take a simple T-shirt, blazer and jeans ensemble, throw on a pair of drop crystal earrings (and maybe some heels) and you’re all set to go to almost any high-profile event. Add a tennis bracelet and chandelier earrings to the aforementioned LBD and you could be on your way to the Oscars—invite pending.

The women who walk the red carpet certainly know what we’re talking about— although unfortunately not all of us [read: most of us] aren’t on a gifting list for the world’s most precious diamonds. Don’t worry though, we’ve got your back— and a little secret up our sleeves that’s about to level up your going-out outfits in an instant. It’s called CARAT*— a London-based jewellery brand that uses lab-created gemstones in fine jewellery. That basically means you get all the desired sparkle, without the usual price tag you’d expect.

Seriously, this is cocktail jewellery as you’ve never seen it before; and your jewellery box needs to know about it. Worn by a host of British and American celebrities,  you’re also going to want CARAT* on your radar— especially with the festive period soon approaching and partywear on our minds once more.

With stores across the UK and a website brimming with styles that make our hearts beat a little faster, we thought it would be most helpful to round up our favourite pieces that sit within four of the most exciting cocktail jewellery trends at the moment. From chic tennis bracelets to cluster earrings, just keep scrolling to find the perfect sparkles to make your next night out even more exciting. Just be warned, compliments incoming.

Style Notes: The simplicity of a tennis bracelet is always stunning and we just can’t take our eyes off CARAT’s classic Hailey and Vianne styles. Not that tennis bracelets ever went out of fashion, but we’re definitely seeing a rise in industry insiders sporting them these days too.  

Style Notes: This is one for all you celestial enthusiasts: the timeless star motif. A go-to design for all year round but *particularly* special to wear around Christmas. 

Style Notes: Want to ooze vintage glamour? Come on, who doesn’t? Opt for green emerald-like stones surrounded by sparkle and you’re half way there. It doesn’t get much more classic than these drop earrings. 

Style Notes: Multi-stone clusters like CARAT’s epic Suriya ear jackets are a more modern take on cocktail jewellery; so if you like a bit of edge to your evening wear you know where to start. Us? We’ve just added these  beautiful multi-stone drop earrings to the top of our Christmas list, and there’s nothing you can do to stop us.