This Beauty Members Club Offers Some of the Best Affordable Products Around

As an editor who lives and breathes all things beauty, even I must admit that the industry is a little saturated with products that offer very similar results with differing price tags. Don’t get me wrong. I love a luxury beauty item as much as the next person, but I am willing to admit that an expensive price tag doesn’t always equal high-end results. Gone are the days of affordable products being filled with drying alcohols, fragrances and pore-clogging silcones; the affordable brands making headlines in 2020 are here to compete.

One of the most obvious stars of the affordable market over the last couple of years has been beauty members club Beauty Pie. Offering seriously high-quality products, Beauty Pie cuts out the middleman and saves money where other brands don’t. Costly go-betweens with manufacturers and retailers are cut, there’s no celebrity marketing, no stores, and it removes any chance of retailer markups (because there are no other retailers). A product that might usually cost £100 can be yours for £11.

To access the products, the idea is that members pay a small monthly fee, starting from £5, that allows them to shop at heavily discounted prices. If you don’t want to commit to a membership? You can still buy the products, just at a higher price. And I must admit, when it first launched, my thoughts were that it provided an interesting and niche business model but would likely only appeal to serious beauty buffs and have a relatively short lifespan. But boy was I wrong.

Over three years later, Beauty Pie is going stronger than ever. With each new product launch, my love for the brand grows a little more. Take, for example, the best-selling Triple Hyaluronic Acid Peptide Serum, which even my non-industry friends swear by; the new Detox Shampoo, which uses activated charcoal and amino acids to detoxify the scalp and boost shine; and of course, the Soul Providers Body Scrub, which every beauty insider seems to be waxing lyrical about on Instagram. In fact, I’ve yet to try a Beauty Pie product that I don’t love.

It wasn’t until we were discussing the wonders of Beauty Pie on a recent daily Who What Wear Zoom call that we realised it’s just not fair that these wondrous products aren’t shouted about from the rooftops more. So whether you’re keen to expand your beauty routine horizons and try something new or, like me, you just want to give some of the best products in the business a try for yourself, keep scrolling for all of the Beauty Pie products I think everyone should know about. NB: All prices shown are member prices.

Zingy and fresh, this body scrub is summer in a tub. 

Ideal for those with troublesome scalps, this shampoo works to draw out oils and toxins for voluminous, bouncy results.

For those who like their lip colour to be wearable, nourishing and beautifully sheer, these balm sticks are perfect.

Like fresh, clean linen, this candle is the perfect option for crisp summer mornings. 

Unlike any other detoxing mask you will ever use, this stuff means business, complete with glycolic, salicylic and lactic acids as well as kaolin clay. I have never used a mask that gives pore-refining results quite like this one.

These highlight drops deliver next-level dewy glow. Simply dot along cheekbones and blend for the ultimate summer makeup look. 

If you can get your hands on a bottle of this stuff, count yourself lucky. It’s so universally loved for its glow-giving, hydrating, skin-plumping benefits that it regularly sells out. 

Straight out of Japan, this gel-like cleanser turns into a beautiful milky balm as soon as it is applied and removes makeup and dirt with ease. 

Comparable to much more expensive, high-end vitamin C capsules, these single-use ampoules help to brighten, smooth and even out skin tone.

Floral but not by any means over the top, this perfume is just one of the luxe-smelling scents Beauty Pie offers. 

You know the deal when it comes to this sort of thing, right? They’re little socks that you pop your feet in for half an hour, and after a few days, you’ll notice that all of the dead skin starts to shed. Gross, but wonderful nonetheless.

For those who like their skincare routine to feel that little bit more luxe, this cleansing balm uses beautiful oils and butters to dissolve makeup and buildup, leaving skin healthy and hydrated. Plus, it looks seriously chic on the shelf.

Deeply hydrating and energising, this cream makes for the ultimate everyday moisturiser.

Formulated with seriously impressive ingredients such as ceramides and phytosqualane, this serum promises to rejuvenate tired under-eyes. 

With sweet orange, citrus and peppermint, this bath oil is unbelievably mood-lifting.

High-strength daily vitamins to keep bones strong and muscles functioning normally. tamin D also plays an important role in the musculoskeletal system, by helping keep bones strong and muscles functioning normally, plus it helps cells divide. Vitamin D – think strong body 

A luxurious foaming clay cleanser that deeply cleanses to leave oilier complexions feeling smooth and hydrated.

Don’t reach for this if you’re looking for coverage but if you’re seeking seriously glow skin then this delivers.

This is like a quick-fix facial containing everything from glycolic and salicylic acids to bamboo grains and pomegranate enzymes for smoother, brighter skin in five minutes flat. 

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