This Is Where You Can Find the Chicest Cashmere on the High Street

Affordable cashmere is pretty much the holy grail of shopping. Once upon a time, the category would have been considered an oxymoron—impossible!—but the retail world has pushed forward into previously uncharted territory, and our wardrobes are thankful. It is now entirely feasible to find great, quality cashmere knits across the high street, and we believe they’re one of the high-street pieces that truly deserve a place in your forever wardrobe.

Claudia Berresford in Me + Em knitwear

Of course, all great pieces sell out—fast. For example, Arket’s bold-hued crew-neck has been reissued season after season since its conception. Marks and Spencer is also well respected for its cashmere range (fashion types always buy from the men’s department and wear them big), and Uniqlo has, too, established itself as the high-tech purveyor of the soft stuff at some of the wallet-friendliest prices around.

Scroll down to see our edit of the top high-street brands to buy affordable cashmere from.

A classic. Naturally, we want the matching trousers below. 

So snuggly. 

It’s the perfect beanie.

Don’t mind if I do…

The lines between loungewear and actual clothes are blurred, and that’s okay. 

The whole set is just calling my name.

It’s available in an array of shades, but I love this offbeat green.

I think this mole-coloured set looks so premium.

This will also work with so many other outfits.

The best co-ord for looking elegant and feeling oh-so-warm.

You can even get a matching beanie!

This is such a great statement piece that’s still easy to wear.

You could even later a fine roll-neck underneath for a preppy look.

Such a cosy cardigan.

Layer over a shirt and leather trousers.

It’s hard to find shorter cashmere knits like this, so it’s great for petite women.

This scarf often sells out in all the colourways.

The colour I can’t get enough of.

My favourite in the entire gallery.

Librarian chic!

A classic.

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This post was originally published at an earlier time and has since been updated.