Trust Me—You’ll Spot These 8 Dress Trends In Every Park This Spring

There are certain things that universally signify the beginning of spring—the first bunch of £1 daffodils, a bag of Mini Eggs and it being light at 6pm. Nothing makes me feel like I’ve said ‘so long’ to winter quite like retiring my tights, and wearing a summer dress. March is when many of us will revisit our dresses, and so we are marking this wardrobe switchover at Who What Wear with a series of edits and guides to the dresses that we’ll be wearing for the next six months.

Below I’ve listed the 8 dress trends that I think you’ll see throughout all the stages of the relaxing of lockdown restrictions. Long-sleeved, denim and knitted dresses are perfect for the next few months of daily walks, while the bright pink dresses and fun minis I’ve found below have June 21st written all over them. I’ve been sure to include a mix of classic basic styles, to more fashion-forward silhouettes or bolder options for those who want to just have fun with fashion again. Keep scrolling to see the 8 dress trends I really love for spring. 

Long-sleeved dresses are a perfect option for spring, as they a little bit warmer for those days when it’s still quite chilly. Either opt for an oversized billowing sleeve or puff sleeve, or something a little simpler.

Statement, ruffle collars have been popular for several seasons, and we largely have Ganni to thank for the revival of this Princess Diana trend. Whether it’s a mini, midi, or maxi, a collar is a welcome addition to any dress.

The overriding message coming from designers and buyers for summer 2021 is that we want our clothes to be joyful, and one of the main ways this was manifested was with lots of bright pink. Designers such as Molly Goddard and Tove have created beautiful dresses in vibrant pink colours.

Sometimes it’s important to make sure you just have the basics covered, and for spring you don’t get more useful than a black sundress.

Knitted dresses soared in popularity in 2020, as the perfect option who want to find the perfect middle ground between getting dressed properly but still feeling comfortable. Either opt for a tunic style that you can layer over trousers or a more fitted silhouette that you 

This is an option for those looking to really dress up for their springtime picnics, or get their wardrobe ready for June 21st. Over the past few years it has been all about the midi dress, however for spring 2021 designers such as Jacquemus, Miu Miu and Louis Vuitton all had several minis in their collections.

Fashion decrees that everyone should own at least one little black dress, but there’s an equally viable case to be made for the little white dress. Whether you opt for something loose and relaxed in a linen or cotton or something more formal with puff sleeves and lace embellishment, a white dress has long been a warm-weather staple.

Next up, see our guide to the key trends for spring summer 2021.