We Went Street Style–Spotting in London—These 9 Outfits Impressed Us

There are no two ways about it; it’s officially autumn, and the outfits we spotted on our latest street style session in London certainly reflected that. As the leaves change their colours from vibrant green to a kaleidoscope of reds and browns, and oranges, our wardrobes, too, have undergone a similar metamorphosis. In lieu of the yellows, pinks, and blues that were predominant in the summer months, now, the colour palette in the capital boasts a beautiful array of autumnal tones—chocolate brown, rust, khaki—peppered with classic shades of black, ecru, and beige, resulting in some expensive-looking outfit combinations along the way.

The day we ventured out was crisp, dry and relatively warm by October standards, which explains the lack of cumbersome coats. Instead, what we found was an array of elevated layered looks and a focus on wardrobe staples pair together without a hitch, making for easy ensembles we’d very much like to copy this season. This being the very reason we like to devote a day each month to see the style that lives on our streets—for these outfits are more indicative of the current fashion mood than anything else. So, if you’re looking for new ways to make your style feel fresh this October and autumn, you’ve come to the right place.

Indeed, we met people with very different aesthetics. Still, there were a handful of trends that kept cropping up. From pleated skirts of varying lengths to the shoe style that dominated, here are the impressive outfits Londoners are wearing in October.

Style Notes: I hate to use the word “cool”, as it’s absolutely overused, but it really is the ideal way to summarise Kyung’s ensemble. The lighting designer (again, how cool) has combined high-end pieces, such as a tailored Dior coat and puddle jeans from Acne Studios with well-chosen high-street finds, including her on-trend pair of white, pointed-toe boots from Zara. Proof that there’s a place for both levels of investment in every wardrobe. 

If you want to re-create Kyung’s outfit on a budget, this elegant Mango coat is an excellent place to start. 

Street Style: If there was ever an outfit that proves just how good thrifted pieces can look together, this is it. Social media manager Laura ensures her pieces, which she picked up in a variety of vintage stores and charity shops, work together by sticking to a cohesive and complimentary palette of browns and taupes. Investing in classic pieces, such as a checked blazer, always make for sound investments, and are readily available in the second-hand market. Our tip? Always check out the menswear section. 

Miaou is a French brand that dominated at Fashion Month—definitely a label to keep your eye on. 

Street Style: If there’s one item that feels distinctly on-trend this season, it’s the pleated mini skirt. Seen on the runways of Miu Miu, Prada and Coperni and an offshoot of the overarching preppy aesthetic, we’ve seen this interpreted lots of ways on social media, but Hu’s combination of a Balmain tailored blazer, Thom Browne skirt, and Dior boots and bag is one of the most elevated yet. 

Thom Browne designs keep cropping up on my social media feed right now. 

Style Notes: Brand consultant Filipa could give a masterclass on how to look chic with this three-part ensemble. Midi dresses and knee boots go hand-in-hand, providing a simple ensemble you can come back to again and again throughout autumn. The branded Tory Burch tote, however, ensures this look will forever be filed under “high-end”. 

This bag also comes in a gorgeous khaki colourway, as well as a burgundy tone. 

Style Notes: What are the chances of bumping into TV presenter Miquita Oliver just days after our very special feature on her impressive wardrobe went live? You couldn’t write it. However, catching her off-the-cuff just stands to prove what an adept dresser she is, whether in front of the camera or not. Tapping into the French aesthetic with a top from Parisian label Musier, her bootcut jeans and chunky boots give her ‘fit further je ne sais quoi.  

Striped knitwear will never date, making this cardigan a sound investment. 

Style Notes: Have you ever wondered what a luxury retail consultant wears to work? Perhaps not. However, since meeting her on our street style shoot, we’re not obsessed by Alexandra’s style, While we’re sure her wardrobe is filled with an array of impressive designer garms—a hint of which we see by way of her Gucci belt and Isabel Marant bag—her coat, a thing of woven checked beauty, was sourced at a flea market. 

Gucci’s iconic Marmont belt features in the wardrobes of so many impressive dressers. 

Style Notes: If we can discern one thing from this, our October street style session, it’s this: Londoners love vintage just as much as they love Zara. This unlikely sartorial marriage is encapsulated by Alexia, who pairs her sourced stripe jacket with a pair of Zara cargo trousers. Finishing her look with some chunky flat boots—another commonality many of these outfits share—she creates an aesthetic that’s all her own. 

Cargo trousers started trending earlier this year, but they’re showing no signs of slowing down. 

Style Notes: We’d recognise that Arket cropped trench coat from a mile off. Which is essentially what happened when we saw business consultant Eloise’s ensemble and practically ran down the street after her. Styling it with a pair of black Zara trousers, H&M boots, and a Celine handbag, this is a prime example of high/low dressing. 

If you’re petite and find standard trench coats to be too long, this cropped Arket style is the solution. 

Style Notes: Last but certainly not least, we were immediately drawn to designer Mariko’s autumnal outfit, which reads like a play-by-play of the season’s top trends. Contrast leather jacket, check. Pleated skirt, check. Chunky loafers, check. This get-up doesn’t miss a beat. 

The dream black jacket. 

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