What to Wear in January When You’re Completely Bored of Your Wardrobe

Deciding what to wear in January can be a tricky one. It’s still freezing so you need to stay warm and cosy, but it’s also a fresh start. We’ve all likely made a resolution of some kind and have our eyes firmly fixed on moving forward, so it’s understandable if stepping back into 2021’s wardrobe feels a little, well, stale.

Luckily, there’s a solution—and it’s not throwing everything away! Naturally, a little wardrobe detox is a great idea at this time of year, but budgets are also tight post-Christmas. So before you swear off certain items, consider the pieces you may be able to use as a gateway to the new season. 

We’re talking teasers of a fresh colour palette, lots of layers, some chic suiting, and plenty of stripes. The key looks for the coming season have already made themselves known, so here’s your guide to easing them into your wardrobe while staying warm.

Keep scrolling for all the street style inspiration you need to inspire your January wardrobe, whatever you have planned for the month ahead. 

Style Notes: Chunky cardigan, check. platform boots, check. Designer bag, check. Wear all of your trend-ticking items at once, with wardrobe classics like blue jeans and white shirting, and you’ll soon be feeling fancy. 

Style Notes: Even the most die-hard of minimalists can throw a style curveball in the form of a bright scarf. Don’t you think this makes Lucy’s pared-back outfit look super interesting? 

Style Notes: Not only should you refrain from packing any way “party pieces,” but we recommend wearing them together to pack an outfit punch. Feathers and leopard print? We’re inspired, Léna. 

Style Notes: Tucking your trouser hems into your boots has definitely become a thing again, and can make even comfy tracksuits look extra cool. Try it and just wait until you see how cool you feel when you stride into Tesco. 

Style Notes: Unlock a whole new playful side to your style by wearing a bucket hat with every outfit. It’ll work better with some more than others. Regardless, it’ll make whatever you wear feel fresh and different. 

Style Notes: If you’re anything like us, you’ll have a vast array of fancy collars in your collection. Show them off and watch them update any old coat and trousers in an instant. 

Style Notes: It’s simple, but throwing a belt over just about anything will breathe a new lease of life into it. The obvious choice is jumper dresses, but this trick also works over blazers and coats too. 

Style Notes: One of the easiest ways to breathe new life into your existing wares in layering them in unexpected ways. Set aside an afternoon and try as many combinations as possible. They won’t all be winners, but when you find a formula like Ada’s that just works, you’ll feel suitably proud. 

Style Notes: Print clashing might seem daunting at first, but we have one rule that makes it easy: Ensure the pieces share at least one colour in common. Just look at Lotte—her leopard-and-check ensemble works because both items feature black. Then, she makes it all the more seamless with her blue knit and matching bag. Bravo, lady. 

Style Notes: From Gucci’s logo tights to Chanel’s CC versions, hosiery is officially back on the fashion agenda. What’s more, a standout pair will make all your skirts and dresses feel so now. 

Style Notes: One of the quickest ways to fall into wardrobe humdrum is to choose similarly-shaped pieces over and over again. Raid your cupboards, pull out the most oversized thing you own—be it a pair of flared trousers or a puff-sleeve dress—and wear it with pride. 

Style Notes: This smart-trousers–and–oversize-knit combo ticks all the boxes: warm, effortless and chic. 

Style Notes: The miniskirt has been given the sartorial silent treatment for far too long, but it’s due a massive comeback in 2022. Wear them with knee-high boots and a statement blouse. 

Style Notes: Pink is one of fashion’s favourite colours— whether you choose to clash it with other bold shades or pair it with neutrals it will never be boring. 

Style Notes: That slip skirt you own in four colour-ways? Make it work for now by clashing it with different textures—think vinyl, suede and cashmere.

Style Notes: Monikh wears a bright jumper with neutral colours. If, like everyone else, you invested heavily in neutrals in 2021, give them a new lease of life by pairing them with a bright jumper. 

Style Notes: Raid your wardrobe and drawers and pull out anything that’s the same colour. Be it green, blue or yellow, wear the lot at once to make your outfit look instantly pulled together. It will look like it’s taking months of planning when in reality, it’s the ultimate lazy-girl dressing hack. 

Style Notes: jeans have been getting looser and looser for a while now, why not try a ripped pair in 2022 for that model-like laid-back look. 

Style Notes: Over the festive period, you’ll likely to be wearing one thing above all else: your comfies. Instead, start the new year feeling slick in a sharp suit, even if it is just for a couple of Zoom meetings. 

Style Notes: Create a bold colour clash by wearing shades like orange, blue and green together at once, much like Hanna Stefanssion. 

Style Notes: This is one of our favourite styling tricks; wear your cardigans as a top instead of a cover-up, and honestly, it makes such a difference to your vibe. We’re always complimented on our outfit when we make this simple tweak. 

Style Notes: When it’s really chilly, chances are you’ll want to stay in your coat for as long as possible when you go anywhere. As such, make it a chic one that makes your outfit as opposed to glazing over it. 

This post was originally published at an earlier time and has since been updated.

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