Zara Is Absolutely Nailing These 7 Trends Right Now

There may be other places we turn to for investment buys and extra special pieces, but for of-the-moment trends and instant wardrobe refreshes, it has to be Zara. Don’t ask us how, but they always seem to be ahead of the season’s biggest trends which is impressive and honestly unusual for a high street brand. It’s part of the reason we (and you) love it so much. 

Right now, there’s endless pieces on Zara we’ve got our eyes on (if you saw our basket, it would almost be embarrassing), but out of all of it there’s 7 trends we’ve noticed them doing *particularly* well. This should help us whittle down our shopping lists to the best of the best. And considering they’re also some of the biggest trends going into spring 2022, the list below can help prepare your wardrobes in the best way we know how. 

Naaomi wears Zara coat.

So, what’s on the menu? Well, there’s great transitional items like knitted dresses (yep still— if you haven’t got one, get one), and vests which are taking a retro, maximalist turn for spring. Layer them up now and wear them alone with wide-leg trousers when the temperatures rise. Co-ords, stripes and loose jeans are three other trends that aren’t going anywhere in 2022, and Zara’s hero pieces in these areas have been selling-out like hotcakes— so move quickly.

And finally we turn to shoes, because we all know how great Zara shoes are. The brand is going hard with its support for platforms this year, which is for the best since they’re a fashion-girl favourite. And when we’re not wearing platform boots and sandals, you can bet we’ll be in ballet flats. 

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