Zara’s Best Boots Have Arrived (and Celebs are Already Wearing Them)

On paper, Emily Ratajkowski and I don’t exactly have much in common, but, as the saying goes, you learn something new every day. Spoiler alert: That’s certainly the case today, as I’ve just discovered that EmRata is just as in love with the Zara boots I’ve been mulling over as I am. How do I know this? She just wore them out.  

After a celebrity sighting dry spell, the fact that we’re treated to A-list appearances on the regular again remains a thrill. Every morning, I start my day by scouting who was out and about and, indeed, what they were wearing. So, you imagine my delight when I clocked Emily Ratajkowski in the streets of New York, not only wearing an outfit I immediately wanted to re-create in its entirety, but that featured the very same pair of Zara knee-high boots lingering in my basket. 

Then it dawned on me, if she’s wearing them, that means they could sell out faster than I anticipated. I like to be mindful about every purchase I make, and seldom do I feel swayed to buy something that a celebrity has worn on that basis alone, but perhaps this is the sign I need to finally invest in a pair of western boots. Which, in case you didn’t know, just so happen to be one of the biggest boot trends of 2021. 

That said, western boots have enduring appeal, too, and are certainly not a one-off for 2021. You need only look to Isabel Marant, whose western boots continue to be in-demand year after year—and not just in the winter. Western is one of the only boot styles that’s continuously worn by fashion people in the summer months, too, making them a year-round staple. 

Right now, though, I’d quite like to wear them, well, just as Emily has—with a pair of jeans tucked in, a roll neck, and an oversized blazer. If, however, you’re not as into the Western vibe as I am, scroll on to see the other excellent Zara knee-high boots that have just landed on site. 

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