‘A friend of mine accosted him’: a Ken Done napkin doodle drawn for a superfan

In our series on artworks in Australian homes, Sweetie Zamora shows her collection of Ken Done paintings and one very special serviette

When Sweetie Zamora was growing up in Sydney, her mum’s taste was “quite tonal, very subtle. Back then, my doona covers were white with embroidered flowers.” Meanwhile, Zamora’s friends slept under the joyful and riotous colours of Australian artist Ken Done. She wanted in. It was the start of a sustained passion for the art and products of Done.

“Usually on a day-to-day basis there is some Ken Done on my person – usually a handbag or something,” says Zamora, who now lives in Melbourne. “I’ve met him [Ken Done] a number of times. I’ve purchased a few things from the gallery.”

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